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Blogger: Successful Bloggers’ Secrets

Posted on May 04, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

The success of a blog greatly depends on the number of traffic it attracts and its (end) impacts on the traffic including the response of the traffic as well.

How could this success be achieved?

To begin achieving this success; blogger ought to decide what is my blog targeting, is female stuff, male stuff, marketing, bloging or general? With this; blogger will know what to blog about, traffic to target, how to reach this traffic and how to capture their interest by bloging on what sweets their sight and fit their hearing most.

Once the first important step has being decided and taking, the next is: to what extent could I reach the targeted traffic which is what really determines the success of a blogger.

A blogger must aim to be an IDOL BLOGGER (more hints in my post: BEING AN IDOL BLOGGER) so as to capture a possible large number of traffic.

POSTS: Post is one of the major components of a blog that interests readers to visiting a blog over and over again. For that, a blogger should try to make as many as possible posts weekly (at least 4 in each week) this is because reading the same post almost every day in a blog usually make readers feel bored visiting the blog again.

TITLE: Title is the first section to be sighted in a post by readers and it is this title that usually captures the interest and attention of readers. Therefore, the use of an attractive and alluring title is advised in posts to attract more readers and gain more traffic.

QUALITY CONTENT: Making several posts a week is not as important as having rich and quality content in the post as it is the contents that stick the will of the readers to the blog.

 Search Engines: More readers could be easily gained from search engines .When a blog ranks high in search engines, more readers will be reached and more will be gained as well. (How blogs can easily rank high in search engines will be featured in my next post).

Article Sites: There are many article sites that allow writers or publishers to easily submit articles in their sites. This will also help a blogger a long way to easily reach the targeted traffic and helps in gaining more traffic to the blog.

Above are the little secrets of SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERS but for a blogger to know how successful he or she is; it is necessary to include urging readers; bellow each post to leave their comments on what they have red so as for the author to know where and where not the author has covered.

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Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/blogging-articles/blogger-successful-bloggers-secrets-899108.html

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