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Blogging Made Simple: Powerful Strategies For Blogging Success! (Volume 1)

Posted on December 08, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Blogging Made Simple is a powerful blogging guide. Learn from two of today’s best known bloggers who have built high-traffic blogs that support multiple streams of income and a growing list of avid followers. In Blogging Made Simple: Powerful Strategies For Blogging Success, you’ll learn the fundamentals of starting your own blog as well as step-by-step instructions on how to develop engaging content, build a growing list of blog followers, effective strategies for monetizing your blog, and little-known strategies for getting your blog ranked #1 on leading search engines. Co-authors Michael H. Fleischner and Justin Fried have been blogging for well over a decade and launched many successful blogs (ex: The Marketing Blog) that reach more than 10,000 followers. If you want to achieve blogging success – creating a popular blog that allows you to position yourself as a leading authority in your niche and drives residual income while you sleep, then don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind blogging resource!

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3 to “Blogging Made Simple: Powerful Strategies For Blogging Success! (Volume 1)”

  1. Michael Gallagher says:

    Good Advice, Short and to the Point As a semi-professional blogger, I was a bit skeptical of this book as I wasn’t certain I would learn much. I was wrong, for which I am glad, as I did learn a few tips and tricks to employ on my current blog offerings and I have implemented several of those and will continue to experiment with some of the recommendations in this guide.If you’re a beginning blogger, or are thinking about starting your own blog, the authors have some good solid advice on how to start with the major free blogging programs out there such as WordPress and Blogger (but it is not a be all, end all guide for those two platforms), and gives you some advice on how to start monetizing your blog. One of the refreshing things I found was the authors do say you can be a full-time blogger and make money from it in order to support that goal, but they are realistic and tell you it takes time, a lot of effort, and a little bit of luck in order to start making it work – in other words, this isn’t the usual mumbo jumbo we’ve all read that say you can be a millionaire in 30 days just from blogging: you need to work at it, and the authors are honest about it.I picked this book up for free during a Kindle promotion and, as I write this review, it is priced at $4.95 in the Amazon Kindle store. If you are more than curious and want to learn some of the basics of a successful blog, or are looking for new ideas on your process of an existing blog, this would be $4.95 well spent.

  2. S. Fulghum says:

    Great Tutorial This is a great guide for getting a grip on how to start and keep a blog going. There is plenty of information to help with everything from just having fun to earning some money.My only wish is that all of the links and websites listed were listed at the end of the book for easier use.

  3. Elvis Ashton says:

    Great Book Must Read For beginners, a good overview of the blogging phenomenon and a primer for what you need to get one going. The book is an easy read and should get you up and running before you’re done.

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