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Blogging to the Third Power – Book #1: Amazing Content: Timeless principles for building a powerful and profitable blog

Posted on April 22, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

What is it that separates the millions of mediocre bloggers from the ones who build traffic and achieve amazing results? What is it that propels some onward and upward into fame and fortune while others find themselves struggling just to get a small handful of readers?

If you’re like most bloggers, then you’ve probably been kicking yourself trying to figure out the answer to these questions…trying to find the key that unlocks the large steel doors that are holding you back from the success you’ve been looking for.

I’m very excited because I’ve discovered the essential elements necessary to connect with people on a large scale and I’m sharing everything you need to know in this book, Blogging to the Third Power.

Put these tools to work at your blog and you will see your traffic, comments, and subscribers skyrocket. Ignore them and you will continue to wallow in the mediocrity in which so many of your peers are trapped.

There are three essential elements of a blog that must be absolutely maximized in order to see success at the highest levels. It takes all three of these concepts to propel your blog to the top.

Awesome Content: Articles need to be fun, compelling, easy-to-read, meeting user’s needs, providing excellent information, and well-written.

Brilliant Design: Blog layouts need to be easy on the eyes, be easy to navigate, be professional looking, be able to set you apart from the crowd, and be warm and inviting to the readers.

Commanding Influence: You as the author must be connecting personally, answering questions, exhibiting strong leadership, demonstrating sacrifice by putting the readers needs before your own, and getting involved in the greater blogging community.

Don’t be mistaken. There are millions of blogs. It’s not enough anymore to simply be strong in only one of these three powers. If you want to set yourself apart from the millions of mediocre bloggers then you have to have all three. It’s all or none if you want to make it big.

In this, the first of the series, I provide an in-depth look at how to create amazing content that stops people in their tracks and gets noticed.

Content is the foundation upon which the rest of a successful blog is built. It’s the information that consumers are searching for. It’s the meat and potatoes at a nice dinner. It’s the pavement on the internet superhighway. Content is the first step on our journey to the top of the blogosphere.

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