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Building a Blog for Readers

Posted on August 15, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Building a Blog for Readers is a manifesto that will help you ask the right questions. It’s not a “get-rich-quick” scheme or a blueprint to riches, but rather a down-to-earth and honest approach to understanding the blogging process, and the business behind it. If you’ve ever considered starting a blog, this is the book to start with!

Featuring 101 questions and feedback written to inspire, guide, and channel your vision, including questions added by prolific and well-known bloggers, like James Chartrand, Joanna Penn, Dan Blank, Danny Iny, Pat Flynn, and more!

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2 to “Building a Blog for Readers”

  1. Kathleen Pooler says:

    A Comprehensive and Practical Guide for Bloggers of All Levels Nick Thacker’s unique approach set me up to take responsibility for my part in the process of building my own business. I easily related the questions to my own experience and wished I had this guide when I first started blogging three years ago. The questions listed provided a solid framework for approaching my own business plan. The questions are practical, clear and logical. The language is simple , direct and realistic.Though much of the information was familiar, I learned a few new terms just by perusing this once-i.e., pillar content, USP. Also I have heard about Alexa.com and plan to check that out. So it served to reinforce what I already know while motivating me to search deeper.The author practices what he preaches by adding value in an engaging, approachable way.The testimonies of all the probloggers listed reinforced everything he listed adding credibility to his material. It is clear that blogging is hard work and success will be dependent upon an individual’s willingness to accept the responsibility for the time and effort it will take.The author did a great job. It is professional in appearance and tone and forces the reader to honestly look at what level of commitment they are willing to make. I highly recommend this comprehensive reference on blogging as a business and feel it appeals to writers and bloggers of all levels.

  2. J. E. Wagner says:

    The ‘Go-To Bible for Blogging’ Mr. Nick Thacker, where were you when I first started my blog? I absolutely loved “Building a Blog For Readers…” First, as I read, I could not stop thinking how my husband and a friend of mine, both embarking on new blogs, need to read this manifesto sooner than later. The tips/strategies you provide are easily essential to developing a successful, sufficient, and sustaining blog.While I read, I actually developed ideas for my own blog that I feel are necessary for it to remain afloat and true to why I started it in the first place. I developed a vision as to what it needs to look like and what to focus on in the future. This is huge. I have been struggling with idea development for weeks, unable to pin point exactly what my blog needs.When I read your manifesto, my two-year-old was sitting next to me watching Blue’s Clues on my iPod. He never once interrupted me and he did not have to because I was able to read though the pages quickly. The organization of tips reads smoothly and builds accordingly. Everything makes sense. I love it. My blogging experience had not involved me reading books on blogging. Therefore, I can honestly see your manifesto becoming my “go to bible for blogging”.Finally, I truly enjoyed the input you included from other successful bloggers. It helped to show how blogging could be a successful venture, even for me, as long as the blogger (myself included) dedicates a certain amount of time, focus, and passion into it. In regards to what your manifesto still needs, I am not one to ask. I am only still learning what a blog needs and you are the first person to point me in the right direction. Thank you for that.

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