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Building a blog ping list

Posted on September 26, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Ping lists for blogs.

If you have a personal or business blog, it is necessary to ping after you post a new article. Pinging a blog will contact Yahoo and other search bots that a new article has been added to your site. When they are notified, the ping service providers will send a spider to read your new post within seconds depending on their traffic load.

Blog ping definition.

By definition, a blog ping is a notification to a search provider that a blog has been updated. A ping is basically an XML message that contains the url address of the blog. Most blog news sites have separate internet addresses for accepting pings, so testing your ping list is very important.

The Good Versus The Bad.

The Good News: Pinging a blog is often good, because the more you ping, the more exposure you’ll get to your blog post. As a result, many of the ping service providers will remember your URLs listed on their service and republished them.

The Cons: The more you ping your website, your server will become slower. If your blog ping list is more than fifty providers, your server load can get really high. Another downside is that most of the providers ping the same search bots. This can be bad for your site because you can potentially ping Google too many times and it looks like your a spammer. So a good blog ping list is important to your site.

WordPress Blog Pinging

As a default, the WordPress engine pings one service automatically called Ping-o-matic. Ping-o-matic is not a good provider by itself because it is simply outdated. This is because it does not ping all of the newer services you need to syndicate your blog and get it spidered right. WordPress also pings every time you update your site, revise a post, which isn’t good because you could potentially look like a spammer and get blacklisted.

How To Build A Good Ping List.

Here are a few things you need to take note during the building of your ping list. Keep in mind that a ping list doesn’t last an eternity, so you should check and update your list as often as possible.

Note 1: Find a base ping list. I found a great recommended providers list located at this site. Ping List For Blogs

Step 2: Find new ping providers.

You should add to your base list by doing some research based on your market niche, language, and country online. You can also email other established sites within your market and ask them for advice. If you search the right places you should be able to find more information on available ping service providers to add to the base list.

Step 3: You should remove any non-working services from your list.

This step is very important. You should begin by checking each provider by visiting their site. Pay attention to the service and area they provide to. If you have found that the website is no longer in service then simply remove it from your list.

It is recommended that you pay attention to your service list and regularly and check the providers websites to make sure they’re working. Proper maintenance of your provider list will keep your content spidered and increase your blog’s visibility in the search engines.

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