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Building Your Fanbase: A From-Scratch Guide for Indie Authors

Posted on May 09, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Are You Part of the 80%?
80% of all books published sell fewer than 100 copies. Seriously. How much does that blow?

You’ve worked too hard to write, edit and publish your book — don’t allow it to be part of that less-than-illustrious group!

“I don’t mean this to sound cliché, but without the fantastic marketing advice from Duolit, I’m not sure I’d be where I am right now.” – Author Ryan Casey

Does This Sound Like You?

  • “Marketing takes forever. I’ll never write again!”
  • “I’ve spent months marketing and only sold a few copies. I give up!”
  • “Twitter, Facebook — I have no clue where to focus my energy!”
  • “I jump from idea to idea. I can’t build up momentum!”
  • “My readers are out there, but I can’t find them!”

We don’t blame you! Book marketing has become darn confusing, and even we feel like the advice changes every day.

Let’s get back to basics. We created this book specifically to give indie fiction authors the best start (or do-over) in their marketing efforts!

“You have given me a steady and true direction on my path to self-publishing, self promoting, and making time for the rest of life…you are an invaluable resource!” – Author Venessa Kimball

Ready to be Part of the 20%?
Reality check time: there’s no push-button, whiz-bang, easy-as-pie system for book success, especially for indie fiction authors. Sadly, you’re probably not going to sell a million copies, land that interview with Oprah or quit your day job tomorrow morning.

BUT if you’re ready to build your crazy-deciated fanbase and sell more books, then Building Your Fanbase is for you. Are you ready to take the next step? Download the book, and let’s get started!

PS: Even if you haven’t yet released your book, these techniques WILL still work for you, so join us!

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3 to “Building Your Fanbase: A From-Scratch Guide for Indie Authors”

  1. M. M. Justus "Author of historical adventure ... says:

    if I knew the answers to the questions, I wouldn’t have needed the book I’m sure the authors mean well. The problem is, I guess I need a step back even further than where they began. The premise of their marketing plan seems to be, find an avid fan of your books who isn’t already a friend or related to you, then pick their brains as to what places they frequent and where they go online (there’s a whole checklist of really nosy questions to ask), then concentrate your marketing efforts in those places.The problem is, I have no clue how to locate that first fan. If they’re not a friend or related to me, how am I supposed to identify them in the first place?As an alternative, the authors suggest I try to answer the questions myself, as that hypothetical fan. But the point is that if I knew how to answer the questions in the book, I wouldn’t have needed the book in the first place. I also have absolutely no clue how a hypothetical fan would answer those questions.So while this might work for someone who’s writing nonfiction on a specific topic, or someone who writes closely-defined genre fiction, or for someone who has this sort of mindset to begin with (in which case they won’t need the book), for someone like me it was more frustrating than anything else.I *want* to do my own marketing. But I need *real* help to figure out how, not just a checklist of things that I can’t figure out how to do.

  2. Adriana Ryan says:

    Really thorough I took this as a class when Duolit offered it to indie authors, and it’s really wonderful material. It’s thorough, fun to read, and the exercises help you turn your knowledge into action steps. Toni and Shannon write with accessible, friendly voices, and they engaged me from the start. I knew a little bit about branding and platform-building already, but I still found a lot of new information I could put to good use. You won’t regret buying this one.

  3. Virginia Ripple says:

    Concrete, actionable guide I took the class and loved how many concrete examples Toni and Shannon used to help us understand exactly how to build a fanbase from the ground up. It really made it all so simple. Now, with all the lessons and suggestions in one book, I’ll be able to easily go back and find those bits of information I’ve forgotten. I’m sure I’ll also find something new each time I read it. Well worth the money, imho.

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