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Business Blogs – not to be ignored

Posted on April 26, 2010 by GuestBlogger

Business Blogs are becoming an important marketing and sales tool for Companies in the UK, we now see forward thinking Companies & Organisations having a website blog, a business blog connected from your website.

Creating a business blog for website will allow for a more relaxed way to communicate, distribute articles and interesting information and will help to provide your organisation & Companies personality online.

Business blogs are used for PR, to promote your success adding to your credibility, to keep your customers both business and/or consumers up-to-date with good fresh content or just to help boost your website in the search engine rankings. We always try to achieve it all for our clients!

We have seen successful business blogs creating an online buzz in a local area, UK wide or across the World connecting potential clients to informative well written information that is fresh, updated and search engine friendly. A well managed effective business blog will promote your website and business online.

We work with our clients to design, host and maintain an effective business blog and we have seen some extremely positive results, especially when used as part of a social media network which is effectively promoting you online!

We conducted a poll and the results startled us:

Over 86% of businesses could not see the benefits of a business blog
Out of these businesses nearly 32% were blogging on someone else’s blog to promote their business or counteract negative feedback!

Never forget having your own blog allows for full control of both content, links and comments so we would advise spending your time and money on your blog.

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Please keep yourself up-to-date with our blog as publish articles on all areas online!


About the Author:
AS (web) Design has been providing
affordable web design, graphic design, hosting and marketing for many years now. Over the past year they have seen a shift and have become the “online partner” for their clients rather than just a web design Company.
The future after an effective website is a
business blog, a website blog linked directly in and social media like twitter, face book, linkedin and other promoting your online presence and creating that important online, internet presence.
We would like to share our knowledge
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