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Capture an Event While Entertaining Attendees

Posted on October 18, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

People love photos! The success of sites like Facebook and Pinterest prove it, as if we didn’t already know.

Do you remember the fun you had taking pictures in photo booths as a teenager? Most people do. That’s why photo booths are a big hit at parties, festivals, weddings, and other events. People simply love them.

If you are planning a wedding reception or a birthday bash, the benefits are obvious. But photo booths have business applications, too.

Modern photo booths by Capture Pod offer a host of new features that leave the photo booths of your childhood standing in the dust. Now you can add special effects before printing the photos, the quality is now very high, and you can choose between black-and-white and color photos. You can even choose how many photos, usually two to five, are printed for each shot.

Capture pods are bigger than the old-fashioned photo booths. So they allow more people in each shot. They are curved and prettier inside. And they are stylish looking on the outside.

They can display advertising on the outside, and you can have a message or company logo printed on the photos. Are you starting to see the possibilities? You can find out more about them at http://www.capturepod.com

Besides renting a Capture Pod photo booth for special events, you can buy one, put it in the right location, and make profits from the photos. You can even make renting photo booths your business—or an addition to a business like event planning or party rentals.

Can you imagine the benefits in good will of providing a branded Capture Pod at a charity event or festival? It is great PR and could be used to collect donations or enough fees to pay moving, setup, supplies and attendant.

What does all this have to do with blog design? Well, maybe not a lot. But many of us have multiple responsibilities: social media, PR, and event planning.

In the business world, blog publishing is usually part of an overall effort to promote products or services. Sometimes we plan and run the same events that we cover in our business blogs.

Photos are content. And a photo booth can be the centerpiece of a promotional effort. It provides ready made content in the form of photos and a locus for getting quick quotes from event attendees. It’s a party within the party.

Set up a Capture Pod anywhere, and you create a mini event that you can capitalize on in dozens of ways. Anytime, anywhere you need to get attention and create some buzz. And then blog about it.

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