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Choosing a Web Content Management System: CMS Tips, Myths, Mistakes and Best Practices

Posted on June 30, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Is your web site outdated, difficult to manage and not meeting your business’ or customers’ needs? Or are you spending a ton of money on outside development services for changes that should be quick and easy to make? A content management system might be the answer.

Whether you’re familiar with CMS tools or have never worked with one, Choosing a Web Content Management System can save you tons of time and help you avoid common CMS struggles and challenges.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

-What a content management system is

-Why CMS tools are so popular and beneficial for businesses of all sizes

-How to select the best CMS for your particular business, regardless of your size or market

-Why you don’t need to do an in-depth feature analysis of dozens of CMS tools

-The fastest way to choose and implement a CMS without sacrificing quality

-How to save money when implementing a web CMS

-Best practices in web content management and planning so you get your project off to the best start

-Top 10 myths about web content management systems

-Top 10 mistakes during CMS efforts

-How to salvage a CMS effort that’s spiraled out of control

-Why pilots and proofs of concept are worth their weight in gold

-How to handle change management and internal communications regarding your CMS effort

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