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Content Management Bible (2nd Edition)

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Content Management Bible book

  • Written by one of the leading experts in content management systems (CMS), the newly revised bestseller, theĀ Content Management Bible, guides readers through the confusing-and often intimidating-task of building, implementing, running, and managing a CMS.

    Updated to cover recent developments in online delivery systems, the book covers XML and related technologies

    The new edition eflects valuable input from CMS users who attended the author’s workshops, conferences, and courses

    Content Management Bible is an essential reference showing anyone involved in information delivery systems how to plan and implement a system that can handle large amounts of information and help achieve an organization’s overall goals

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3 to “Content Management Bible (2nd Edition)”

  1. "ashleyfriedlein" says:

    Buy it! This is an excellent book. If you have anything to do with managing digital media, in particular if you are facing the enormous demands of managing content for a large web site, then this book will prove very valuable. I think the cover, and size of book, makes it appear a little too technical but I actually it is Project Managers, Producers, Marketing Managers, Editorial and Content teams, Analysts and the like who will benefit most.

  2. Manny Hernandez "@askmanny" says:

    The most complete and authoritative reference book about CMS As a Project Manager with a mandate to come up with a Content Management System for my organization, over the course of the past three months I’ve found the CMS Bible by Boiko simply essential, as most of the other ‘bible’ tech books I’ve read have been. He provides a very robust framework that you can follow in your project, if you have the time to read through its almost 1000 pages.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Should be given six stars Content management is a major task in my job – we integrate 2 ERP systems, web servers, 2 document management systems…. and there are plenty of places we could improve.

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