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Create a Modern Blog Design

Posted on August 19, 2011 by

There are many considerations that come into play when creating a modern blog design. It has to be unique yet attract attention of many. It has to be an eye catcher but not weird to scare away the visitors. It has to be professional but not so plain. You have to juggle and balance all these aspects to come out with a blog that is appealing.

The first thing to consider is deciding on the purpose of your blog this will guide you to pick the most appropriate themes. While at it, make sure you narrow down to a particular niche. If for example you are in fashion business narrow down to say babies’ shoes this will up your chances of being read.

The theme which is currently in vogue takes the format of a magazine or a newspaper. It has a front story style and the visitor have to click to links to access the rest of the articles. The color is the other aspect that has to be carefully chosen. An appropriate color regime is critical to make the blog design eye catching without being too wild. The background color should be such that the writings are visible enough for visitors to read. Neutral colors ranging from white to black are more appropriate.


Though photo galleries are important and common features with the modern blog designs it pays to insert some explanation to attract search engine traffic. Search engine readily recognizes written text than photos. It also helps to minimize graphics especially if the blog is for SEO, graphics can slow down the loading of your blog.

Avoid common theme in your blog design unless they are in line with the purpose of your blog. Include some artistic theme like torn note book for a personal blog though it is not appropriate for a business blog.

There is an option of signing up with a blog host to take up all the burden of designing your blog according to your preference. A blog host will provide all the technical aspect of blog designing. Some of the blog host like WordPress are free and provide free templates

After designing your blog role up your sleeves and get to work. Join the blogging communities by posting comments all over. Other bloggers will do the same in return and that way you can tap a high traffic volume. Depending on why you are setting up your blog you can as well earn money by including advertisement programs. They place ads on your blog and every time visitors click on them you earn money.

Creating a blog requires focus in order to set up a blog that is professional without necessarily being boring. Have great contents but remember not lose touch with the purpose of the blog in the first place. You can create own template or seek an experts service. There is also the option of free template. Be innovative so that you can attract traffic and get a good ranking with search engines.


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