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Create Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Blog Design Journal
Create Your Own Blog

Create Your Own Blog

Want a personal or business blog of your own? It’s easy!

Create Your Own Blog

In this simple guide, one of the world’s most experienced bloggers walks you through every step, from getting started to building a worldwide audience. Tris Hussey covers it all, from low-cost blogging tools to high-powered writing tips! Get this book, and get started fast–with a professional-quality blog that meets your goals, whatever they are!

Build great blogs like these, the easy way!

  • Personal Blogs
  • Business Blogs
  • Blogs for Podcasting
  • Video Blogs
  • Portfolio Blogs for Artists
  • Lifestreaming Blogs


Learn from a pro! Discover tips, tricks, and great solutions for:

  • Setting up your blog the right way–in just minutes!
  • Writing blog entries people want to read
  • Handling comments–even nasty ones!
  • Creating a conversation and building a community
  • Publicizing your blog
  • Choosing the right free or low-cost blogging tools
  • Avoiding beginner mistakes
  • Earning cash from your blog!

You won’t believe how easy it is to create your own blog… or how much fun!

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2 to “Create Your Own Blog: 6 Easy Projects to Start Blogging Like a Pro”

  1. John A. Suda says:

    Nice guide to blogging projects The philosophical question of the day is: if you don’t blog, micro-blog, or social network, do you exist? Certainly not to the multimillions, or billions, who at least read postings from blogging and social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed. Tris Hussey is one such blogger and is probably more intense about it than most. He is a longtime blogger, educator and speaker, and writer of blog related topics. His background and enthusiasm for the topic and casual, easy-going writing style serve him well in authoring “Creating Your Own Blog: Six Easy Projects to Start Blogging like a Pro.” Even though online software tools make it easy for nearly anyone to start blogging those who want to do it well for personal or professional reasons will benefit from the guidance found in this book. Hussey is comprehensive in his approach: he describes blogging as essentially storytelling and is enthusiastic and inspiring about it; he gives a short history of storytelling online via simple to very sophisticated tools; he details how to set up, install, and configure both hosted and self-hosted sites; and he even shows how to make money while blogging. The meat of the book is in chapters 5 through 9 where he details how to set up and maintain personal, business, podcasting, video, and portfolio blogs. In chapter 10 he explains “online life streaming” where blogs, micro-blogs, social networking sites, and mobile communications converge into a mash of running digital history in real-time–for those not concerned about their life activities being stored permanently in searchable online databases. Managing all of this does get complicated and Hussey is adept at explaining the how and why of spending the time to do it well and right. The book contains information on intellectual property issues and Digital Rights Management, privacy, search engine optimization, controlling spam and abusive commenters, as well as examples of blogs he admires or believes are models of good blogging. Instead of covering all topics in depth, he shortcuts by detailing better choices and practices from his own experiences. He provides express recommendations on blogging hosts (he likes WordPress best,) hardware (microphones) and software choices. His emphasis in such choices is on low-cost and ease-of-use options. There is enough material to satisfy those with advanced needs and capabilities. The mashing of blog; photo, audio and video posting sites;and social networking sites is especially worthwhile for serious online communicators. Hussey writes from experience as one of the earliest bloggers and one of the more prolific ones. He writes with some humor and in an easy-going style that is easy to follow and absorb. The book is heavily illustrated with screenshots of blog pages, websites, and applications along with some graphic illustrations and photos of hardware. There are stylized “Tips, Notes, New Terms, Cautions, an Idea Galleries” throughout. I found many of the screenshot illustrations to be too dark or too finely printed to be useful. Younger eyes may not have a problem. This is a very good book for those thinking about starting blogging for business or personal reasons.FTC disclosure (16 CFR Part 255): The reviewer has accepted without solicitation a reviewer’s copy of this book which is his to keep. He intends to provide an honest, independent, and fair evaluation of the book in all circumstances.

  2. Terri J. Rice "ricepaper" says:

    I love Technology! I have a blog (pinkpeppers) and named it because I figured a color with a vegetable would be easy to remember. Tris Hussey starts his book talking about naming your blog, what to do- something memorable, what not to do- when run together does the name become something unfortunate.My blog was created by someone else and I often wish I knew how to add a click on box, add the wall paper, basically how to change it in any fashion without bothering my site manager.Here’s help! This book has an entire section on “Tweaking Your Blogs Setup” Perfect!The first three chapters will help you install and start your blog. I am very glad for the pictures that walk you through the processes as he explains them. And what about the difference say, between WordPress and DIY? It comes down to time and money, $10-$15/yr. for WordPress whereas DIY can be $10-$15/mo. Of course there’s a tradeoff, on WordPress you are limited to certain themes and you can not use additional plug-ins. WordPress is a great start though.This book also covers the general tell all blogger vs. the business blog and the various options for each. Did ya wanna make money? This gives you the help, directly and indirectly.He gets into multimedia, podcasting your own on your own, video blog posts you do.I like the books set up, I like the “notes,” and “new terms,” and “tips,” separated and highlighted throughout the text.Tris Hussey is a professional blogger and leading expert and for just the price of this book, you can pick his brain. Good Deal!

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