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Creating a Blog Design that Stands Out From the Rest

Posted on April 29, 2011 by

With more than 112 million blogs available on the internet, there is one question that is essential to the success of your blog. How can you design a blog that will inspire readers to not only browse your blog, but add it to their bookmarks and come back again? The answer to this question starts with creating a professional, unique and interactive blog web design. Design can be the key to capturing the attention of readers, as well as providing the elements that will make them want to visit again. Understanding the essentials of blog or weblog design, you will be able to increase traffic and maintain an audience.

The most successful blogger design will usually combine text, images, video, audio and other media related to its topic over a backdrop that is unique and appealing. If designed professionally, the background or frame of your blog design will communicate that your blog is credible and of high quality. Creating a visual theme that reflects your subject gives the blog graphic design added appeal to set you apart from the competition. Web users are highly responsive to a unique, visually appealing graphical type of blog design. With custom blog design, this type of stunning layout is within your reach.

If you browse blog templates, layouts, backgrounds, textures and skins from a variety of sites, you will see the striking difference between standard blog template design and custom design. To help your website blog design rise above the millions of blogs that have standard designs, a custom design is the way to go. Professional blog designers can create your blog exactly how you want it to look. They will be able to incorporate unique graphics, such as logos and a title banner, into a template created for you.

How Should It Look?

A clean, balanced blog design that is user friendly and inviting works best. Readers usually quickly scan blog content before deciding whether to read the entire post. Therefore the layout of your blog web design should make it simple to browse. A clutter-free blog design will not distract from enhancements, such as graphics and video, and enables you to blend interesting images into your blog postings. This helps to break up large blocks of text which can be daunting to readers. Using colorful graphics that work well with your blog posts will also make your blog more interesting and inviting. Using clear fonts and simple formatting such as subtitles, bold and underlined text will also give your postings an easy flow.

What Can You Do to Promote Reader Involvement?

Your blog design should also promote the reader’s involvement in order to hold their interest. Simple to navigate postings with clearly defined categories to organize your posts will make it easier for readers to find the content or topics that are of interest to them. Usually the most recent blog posted is listed at the top of the page, while older blogs can be hard to find as the size of your blog grows. That is why the most successful type of blog design will also feature a listing of the most popular posts in the margin of the layout. A custom design will provide the necessary plug ins that will display a list of popular posts, based on factors such as number of comments or total views.

The capacity for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is another common and beneficial way to promote the reader’s involvement when creating your blog design. A blog is most beneficial if you are able to develop a subscriber base that will look forward to reading your new posts. Perhaps the most important thing you can do to keep blog users involved is by using an RSS feed to inform them with notifications about your new blog headlines. The most effective type of blogger design available will feature this crucial element. This is just one more essential reason to use a custom design, it can provide the link by which users can click to subscribe to your RSS feed.

Where Can I Find the Best Blog Designer?

Websites and blogs are a mirror image of your business; they need to be appealing and attractive to generate traffic. The professionals at Plaveb Corporation understand this, and are ready to give you the competitive edge in the online market with the most creative blog web design available. Plaveb will help your online business reach the summit with stunning and unique blog graphic design. We specialize in providing high quality, rapid turn-around blog, web, graphic and logo designs. The blog designers at Plaveb are innovative, experienced professionals with creativity as their driving force. They are dynamic professionals with proficiency in the latest designing software, and will design a blog according to your requirements.

Partnering with Plaveb’s creative services will rejuvenate your corporate identity and marketing capabilities. We offer a vast range of creative solutions to cater to your web, marketing, advertising, communication, promotion and design needs.

Some of the primary creative solutions Plaveb provides include:

* Website and Blog Design

* Web Based Marketing Materials

* Logo Design

* Online Presentations

* Online Company Portfolios

* Web Based Product Showcases

* Creative Brochures

* Business Cards

* Catalogs

* Educational Materials

Plaveb provides innovative web design and related solutions with a streamlined approach. We are a reliable web design and development company; and our sole motto is to provide you with deliverables that exceed your expectations.

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