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Custom blog – design your own

Posted on April 28, 2011 by

It seems hard for a newcomer but is not if you follow our advice

Are you tired of not taking action? Sometimes its easy to get carried away by our curiosity and learning desire and forget that the most important step is to take action. Here are a few steps to follow if you want to have your own custom blog.

Step1. Custom Blog Research and documentation – Find out what is the less crowded niche in your interests area. Find the keywords that you can use to dominate. Set apart the best money-making keywords. Gather information and start developing the content. Use the keywords and related words to write articles. Try to use the main keywords at least 2-3% without making the article unredable. Prepare at least 10 posts for your new personalized blog.

Step2. Custom Blog Design and settings – Choose your theme and layout to suit your needs but take into consideration your readers and the search engines. Set up the wordpress blog, choose the plugins you want to use. Set them up and customize their settings. Take care of eventual conflicts by removing the offending plugins, change the settings where needed. Alter the php code of your theme to remove any unneeded links and foreign code(ads, adsense code, scripts…)

Step3. Custom blog launch and promotion – Publish 1 post and ping it. Start bookmarking it with social sites. Add it to directories using the keywords as your anchor text. Force the search engine spiders to visit your blog by posting frequently. You should ping every page and bookmark it. Try to make as many backlinks to your pages from related forums, blogs and sites.

Just follow this steps and launch your own blog and make it successful. It helps to brake this tasks in smaller ones so it won’t seem so hard. Take action on each step and you will have your own personalized blog rolling in short time.

P.S If you have no time or lack any experience maybe would be better for you to check some beginner systems like the awesome Xtreme Bogs System.

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