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Posted on March 16, 2010 by Blog Design Journal

Automated blogs take the hard work out of creating web content.  When taking on a new venture you should consider the good points and bad points of the venture.  Over the past few years I have built a number autoblogs that automatically post 1 – 4 posts per day.  Did I mention that these posts are automatic and do not require me to do anything?

There are a number of benefits to blog building like this.  When done properly an automatic blog can easily generate 150 – 200 visitors a day.  Having even a couple hundred of targeted visitors can increase your possiblities enormously. These blogs free you from having to write the content yourself. Articles targeting long tail keywords will populate your blog causing you to rank for hundreds of keywords.

Growing your site naturally with automated blogs substantially increases the amount of pages that can be indexed by the search engines. Targeted traffic will increase as the number of pages optimized with keywords start to rank.  One way to increase your revenue is with increasing the number of visitors to your site.  By now you should realize the benefits of automated blogging are definitely worth investigating.

As far as the cons of building a blog like this read on. Duplicate content? Oh no, my site will be banned or slammed or sand-boxed that seems to be one of the complaints heard frequently.  It is a myth that duplicate content is not indexed by the search engines.

There must be a hurdle you need to get over in your thinking in order to use other people’s content.  Using the same article I have submitted to over one hundred directories and it has been indexed therefore the dupe content argument is a false one. Sometimes duplicate content does not rank well but in our case it is not important.

Automated blogs
have many advantages. It is a great way to add content to your site on a daily basis without actually having to write it. You can add articles, videos even eBay and Amazon products, all on autopilot.  Growing your site naturally over time will cause the search engines to come back many times to check new content.  This is by far the best way to grow your site, the search engines will love it. By providing high quality content your visitors will find value in your site and stay on the site longer.

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