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Elements of Gorgeous Blog Design – Design Of the Comment Area, Navigation

Posted on August 23, 2011 by

Images, Footers and Colors :-

All blog owners want the blog to generate maximum revenue. Some of the crucial elements that play a very important role in optimizing the efficiency of the blog are design of the comment area, navigation images, footers and colors.

Design of the Comment Area:
Most of the designers give the least importance to the design of the comment area. The designer should remember that the comment area is a place through which the feedback about the blog can be received. If the visitor or reader of the blog is not going to give any feedback about his feeling about the blog, there is no way the blog owner can know the effectiveness of the blog. This means that the blog needs to be designed in such a way that the reader is motivated to give his/her feedback about the blog. The design of the comment are can also mention how important is the reader’s feedback to the blog owner.

Nothing can be more frustrating and humiliating for the reader or visitor than a link that he/she has clicked upon does not work. When this is the case the reader will just log out of the blog. The navigation should be very easy and result yielding. The reader should be able to reach the page with the information that he/she wants. The navigation menus and sidebars play a critical role in the effectiveness of the blogs. The navigation menus are of two types; the first type of navigation menus is the primary navigation menus and concerns the main pages of the website like the Contact page and the About Us page, while the second type of navigation menus is the secondary navigation menus and this concerns the other pages of the website. The sidebars should be designed in such a way that they attract the attention of the blog reader and no information on the blog is missed.


Inclusion of Images:
It is known that the Images are usually more effective than the text. The only care that needs to be taken while including the images in the blogs is that the blog does not become so loaded that it takes more time to download. The images should be included in the blog with the help of CSS.

Design of the footer:
Most of the visitors to the blogs are least interested in the footer part of the blog because that is the last part of the page when the web page is scrolled up. It is because of this attitude of the blog visitors that blog designer are not that keen on developing the design of the footer. If we think from another angle the footer space can be used to experiment the possibility of revenue through advertisement or links. A link can be provided from this Foote space to social networking websites.

Use of colors:
The color used in the blog has to go in harmony with the basic concept of the blog and the target market audience. Usually it has been observed that the bright colors are liked by the younger population, while soothing colors are usually liked by the older population. If the blog is for the corporate world it has to be colored in such a way that it should look professional. The color scheme plays a pivotal role in branding and long term marketing strategies of the product or service promoted through the blog.

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