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EVGA GeForce GTX760 SuperClocked w/EVGA ACX Cooler 2GB GDDR5 256bit, Dual-Link DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI,DP, SLI Ready Graphics Card (02G-P4-2765-KR) Graphics Cards 02G-P4-2765-KR

Posted on November 01, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

The EVGA GeForce GTX 760 is the new weapon of choice for gamers – a powerful graphics card that gives you the fast, smooth, quiet gaming you’re looking for in all your favorite titles. EVGA is also extending the award winning ACX Cooling to the EVGA GeForce GTX 760 line. With a 40% increase in heatsink volume, the EVGA ACX is more efficient at dissipating heat, allowing for 15% lower GPU temperatures. Even the fan blades are of the highest quality; with a 700% increase in strength, and 25% lower weight when compared to competitors. This makes the fans 20% more efficient by requiring lower power levels. EVGA is also using double ball bearing fans which offer a 12 year lifespan, 4X longer when compared to competitors!

Product Features

  • Microsoft DirectX 12 API (feature level 11_0) Support
  • Base Clock: 1072 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1137 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 6008 MHz Effective
  • CUDA Cores: 1152
  • 2048MB GDDR5 256bit Memory

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  1. JakeMonkey says:

    Great card. 0

  2. Mars Pace says:

    The beginning of next gen! Being a 3d artist in the games industry, I could argue that I really need the 4gb or RAM that this video card comes with. After all, I play lots of PC games, and the game I actually work on is very graphically intensive. The reality is, 4gb of RAM is overkill – unless you’re running 3 monitors. Anything less than that is really not grounds for getting a 4gb card at all. I say that because at my work, we run 2-year-old graphics cards with only 2gb of RAM on PCs with 2 monitors each. And with that, we can play games as well as create them. So why get this card? Simply put, it was only $20 more from the other card I was considering – which was the MSI 760 2gb. So for $20, I’d have 200% more DDR5 memory. I felt that was a good deal – even if I’d probably not even use it. (Truth be told: I know that EVGA makes a 2gb version of the 760 which costs around $40 less, but that was out of stock at the time.)PerformanceFor the games that I play, this card does the job well. Granted, it’s not the best since I still get some “medocre” frame rates with certain games. Still, the over all performance is great. My system is an old system now (4 years old): Core i7 950, 12gb RAM, Windows 7 Ultimate, and running 2 monitors. This card is a big improvement from the GTX 285 1gb that I had before. I estimate about a 30-50% increase in performance. Obviously, you can go to benchmark websites for more accurate testing, but here are my average FPS numbers based on what FRAPs tells me. (All games were set at the highest setting with a resolution of 1920×1200 and in windowed mode):Borderlands 2 (Tundra Express area): 65 fpsF1 2012 (Abu Dhabi track with other cars): 93 fpsFarcry 3(near a beach): 58 fpsFinal Fantasy XIV Online(running around in a crowded part of a city): 48 fpsFinal Fantasy XIV Online (outside, hunting monsters): 75fpsWorld of Warcraft (Pandaria starting area): 81 fpsSaints Row 4 (just running around the city): 45 fpsStarcraft 2: 145 fpsSkyrim(Outside, Forest areas): 92 fpsIn the case of Final Fantasy XIV and Saint’s Row 4, I knew that both those games tended to be more demanding and that even higher end graphics cards have lower FPS numbers with these games. (Honestly in Final Fantasy XIV, most of the time when questing or running dungeons, the FPS was way above 60. It only dropped to the high 40s when I ran into a city with lots of players around.) If I really wanted to get better FPS ratings, I’d probably have to spend $100 more for the GTX 770, but these results are more than adequate for me.NoiseThis card is quiet – really quiet. I can barely hear it running most of the time. In fact, when I was installing it, I accidently touched one of the fans. When I turned the PC on, I initially thought that the fan wasn’t running, and I had damaged it somehow. Thankfully, it was running after taking a closer look, and I was surprised at how quiet it was. Of course when playing certain games on high settings (such as Saints Row 4), the fans do start to go faster and in those situations , the fans do become more noticeable. But even then, they aren’t annoying, or too loud. I have a 560 Ti on another PC, and compared to that, this card is very quiet.OverclockingEVGA includes overclocking software on the installation disc called “EVGA Precision X” and a monitoring software called “OC Scanner X.” With these you can increase the GPU’s clock speed, the memory speed, the temperature limits, the power limits, and even the voltage. Initially, I was wary about overclocking because I don’t normally do that. But only after a few minutes of set up, I had my video card overclocked in stable manner. I even tested it with the included software. Granted, I only got 5-8 frames more than the original settings, but it does feel good to squeeze out a bit more performance. The software also includes monitoring (FPS, GPU temperature, etc.) which can be displayed over the game that you maybe playing (though some games may detect this as some sort of cheat software, in which case you’ll have to adjust the settings).InstallationInstalling the card was very easy. Like most modern-day graphics cards, this one is a bit beefy because it takes up 2 expansion slots. It fit easily into my Asus Motherboard. This card has two power molex sockets: a 6-pin, and an 8-pin. Both have to be connected to your power supply’s molex connectors. Thankfully, two adapters are included with this card: one that goes from a 8-pin (female)and then splits into two 6-pins (female); and the other that goes from a 6-pin (female) and then splits into two 4-pin (male). I didn’t have to use these adapters, but it’s nice to have for those who might need them. Also, the required power supply must be at least 500 watts. Drivers can be found on the installation disc, but I just downloaded the software directly from Nvidia’s website…

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