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Feedly. Your News Deck.

Posted on July 02, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Product Features

  • Browse through popular blogs and content sites
  • Beautiful magazine-like experience
  • Customize it with your own sources, color themes, fonts
  • Syncs seamlessly with Google Reader
  • Easy sharing via Twitter and Facebook
  • Save content for later via Pocket and Instapaper
  • On all the devices you love (including Chrome, Firefox and Safari)

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2 to “Feedly. Your News Deck.”

  1. B. Warthen says:

    My favorite news reader for Android and IOS (and Kindle Fire) It’s a shame to see Feedly getting low reviews because of Kindle Fire compatibility issues (which are the fault of Amazon not including core Google services in the Fire’s limited version of Android).I’m a gadget freak, and I regularly use Feedly on a variety of devices … iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet. I was looking forward to using Feedly on the Kindle Fire, but quickly ran into the same logging in to Google Reader failure that others have complained about. At this point, I contemplated sending the Kindle Fire back to Amazon, as my primary goal for the Fire was as a book reader and news reader.I saw the comments from Feedly posted to other reviews indicating that this problem was addressed in version 7, and that it was coming soon.Version 7 is already in the Android Market, so I downloaded it there on another Android device and sideloaded it to the Fire. I’m liking the Kindle fire a lot better now. Hopefully the version in the Amazon market will get updated to version 7 soon so that these low ratings don’t hold Feedly back!

  2. Dale Ducatte says:

    Feedly on Kindle Fire HD Feedly’s new design for Android and Kindle Fire devices is excellent; I especially like how it works more like Feedly’s web browser version. I have several hundred Google Reader feeds organized in about twenty folders, and Feedly is one of the best apps I’ve found for keeping up with my reading.When I first installed Feedly on my Kindle Fire HD, I would get the “bind failure” message others have mentioned when trying to log in the first time I ran it. However, I discovered that if you go to the feed menu (press the three horizontal bars in the upper left corner) then select “Guest Login” – you can log in with your Google credentials and it shows all your Reader folders and feeds immediately. After that, synchs between Feedly and Reader work just fine. (Don’t forget if you are using Google’s two-step verification, you will need to generate an application-specific password for use with Feedly.)I would rate the app five stars for functionality and a great user interface, but knock off a star for the confusing log in and for the three weeks I was without My Feedly until I found a way to log in by accident!

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