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Free AdSense Privacy Policy Plugin You Need Now!

Posted on March 22, 2009 by Kathleen

Do you have AdSense ads on your blogs? If so, you urgently need to read this!

Google now requires that every site that displays AdSense ads must have a privacy policy page with details Google’s newest privacy policy for AdSense ads. If that sounds complicated, it is.

You must comply by April 8, or risk losing our AdSense ad income. So what is a blog designer to do? I have about a dozen blogs, most of which are powered by WordPress, and I have been dreading having to deal with this.

Cavalry to the rescue! SEO whiz Eric Giguere has created a WordPress plugin to automatically generate a Google-compliant privacy policy on any page you choose, or to generate a complete new privacy page for your blog. And the plugin is free!

Download Eric’s new plugin from his personal blog, Synclastic, here.

There are instructions on the download page, but basically it is simple. Drop it in the plugin folder and make a few settings. 

Now, be sure to subscribe to Eric’s blogs, both Synclastic and his AdSense/SEO blog, The Unofficial AdSense Blog. I promise you will be very glad you did. Eric is a whiz, and he explains things in terms we can all understand

Excuse me. Gotta run. I have a bunch of plugins and privacy pages to install.

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