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Help Yourself or Your Valentine to Better Vision

Posted on January 24, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Working at a computer can be hard on your eyes, especially for blog designers. Many of us wear glasses to see the screen better, even if only at work.

To avoid headaches and fatigue, always make sure your glasses (if you need them) are up to date. You should have an eye exam ever year to make sure your glasses are still doing their job.

But there is no reason glasses cannot be stylish, fun, and affordable, too. You can order them on line, starting at about $7 and have as many pairs of glasses as you need, plus the stylish frames that you want.

My favorite, ZenniOptical.com, offers glasses (lenses and stylish frames) for cheap. How about $6.95 prescription eyeglasses? They design and manufacture the frames and lenses themselves and sell them directly, with no retail stores or middlemen to add costs.

So you can choose from a huge selection and have different glasses for different purposes—such as sunglasses, formal glasses, and fun glasses in different colors. You can get scratch-resistant, finger-print resistant, no-glare coatings, too, so you look better in photos.

Now here is the really fun part for Valentine’s day: Why not get a special pair for your Valentine? Maybe a color he or she would love but never think of buying for themselves, like red or bright blue, or orange? Or cool sunglasses with non-glare coating?

Think of what fun it would be to go out to dinner in matching red glasses frames or sunglasses?

Valentine’s gift quandary: Solved!

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