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How To Automate Your Blogs And Earn At Least $50 A Day

Posted on April 08, 2010 by Blog Design Journal

Setting up automated wordpress blogs is one of my favorite make-money-online business models. It’s fun and easy and doesn’t take much of your time. Once set up with some basic SEO, you can forget it while it earns extra money for you on autopilot. In this article I will show you how you can set up a wordpress blog for a niche product leveraging Amazon and how you can earn $50 a day with it.

This method has initial cash outlay but the return of investment is so great and very quick to achieve. What you need to start this business model is a domain and hosting. For domain you can use godaddy.com, and for hosting you can get it from hostgator.com ( I personally use the “baby” hosting package as it allows you to host unlimited websites which is what you will need in this kind of business model).  You also need to set up an affiliate account in amazon.com to leverage on the products they are selling.  Now this model with allow you to have at least multiple income streams in one blog which I will further explain later.

Once you have signed up as an amazon affiliate,  you can go to amazon.com and find a product that is currently “selling” right now.  You can choose any product in any categories that you prefer.  Go to “movers and shakers” section as this will indicate the hot products in that specific category.  Now once you have chosen a product, register a domain name with the product name on the url.  Verify also in google keyword tool if that certain product name has a sufficient searched number. Tip: For best results, include the product name and product model/number in your domain name.  If it’s already taken, you can use variations such as hyphen or lines.  You can also use the term review attached to the product name like canondigitalcamerareview. Once you have registered your domain name and hosting, you have to install wordpress as your blogging platform.

If you are not familiar with wordpress installation, do not freak out as there are plenty of wordpress tutorials that you can find online. Just search in google ” wordpress tutorial” and you will find a lot of information on it.  You can also search that in youtube so you can follow along in the video.  You can also find a lot of free wordpress theme templates online that you can use for your blog.

Now once your wordpress is set up, you have to install the following plugins in your blog ( and these are free of course): All-in-one SEO ( this is a plugin which will automatically submit your blog to the search engines), Amazon Auto-Poster ( this plugin will automatically get the product details of the product you are promoting from Amazon), Article Auto-Poster ( this plugin will auto post any articles that you have in .txt format and you can schedule when to post these articles), Only-wire auto-poster ( this plugin will automatically submit your article or blog to various socialbookmarking sites in everytime you post a new article. Note: You need to first sign up to the different social bookmarking sites if you do not have an account with them yet).

Now you can setup an adsense in your blog for additional income stream as well.  Write at least one original article in your blog based on the product that you are promoting.  Just get the article idea from the product description itself and the user comments in Amazon.  Highly optimized this with your main keyword. Keyword should be on the title page, and at least mention it for every 100 words.  Now you just created a highly optimized wordpress blog that could possibly land you on the first page of google.  Once your site is indexed, you can either leave it as is and let buyers find it through the search engines, or you can sell your site to flippa.com if you want instant cash.  A new site like this with no “earnings” yet can sell quickly for $50 – $60 bucks. I know someone who creates 5 auto-blogs a day and sell it to flippa.com after a week ( or as soon as the sites are indexed). Just do your math and you will see that $500 a week is very doable for site flipping these easy to install auto-blogs.  Or, you can always opt to keep the blogs and earn naturally from product commissions and adsense.  The choice is all up to you.

What is important in this model is the duplication process.  Do not stop with one blog. Create as many auto-blogs as you can and you will also multiple your income on the process.

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