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How to Build a Powerful Writer’s Platform in 90 Days

Posted on December 08, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

You’ve written a wonderful book. But you know that it won’t sell itself. You need to let folks know just how good your book is, why they should care about it, and why they must choose your book over millions of others.

This is a step-by-step guide on creating an amazing author platform in just 90 days, based on your ability to write, be interesting, and engage others.

What’s an on-line platform?
It’s a following of people who find your work through the World Wide Web. It’s a solid place from which to launch new material and new ideas. It’s the difference between wading through the millions of people who also want their voices heard and standing apart from the mêlée.

This full-sized, 132-page eBook covers:
» How to build a genuine online platform;
» How to generate buzz around your book;
» How to launch a book successfully using only social media;
» How to make sure your book lives up to the hype you’re about to build.

The book has 3 parts:
» Key social media strategies, tactics and tools
» The day-by-day guide to building an amazing online platform in 90 days
» A 1-page “bird’s eye” view of the total calendar.

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