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How to Decide on a Blog Platform

Posted on April 03, 2011 by

A good majority of people who have Internet access have tried blogging at one point or another. Some people have been very successful with their blogs and have even made money off of their sites, while other people just blog to share their personal thoughts, feelings and photographs. There are a few different blogging formats or platforms out there that give people the opportunity to share whatever they want to share, but not all blog formats are the same.

Free blogging platforms are really popular with those looking to share their thoughts and feelings, but don’t have a commercial or business purpose. This does not mean that free blogging platforms cannot be used for commercial blogging or to make money online by promoting products, but they aren’t as widely used for that purpose. One of the reasons why free blogging platforms are not often used by businesses is because they often have advertising restrictions or content topic restrictions that do not make them the best choice. As noted though, they are good for people who want to have a blog and just post their personal stories or thoughts, who also do not want to spend a few dollars on their blog.

For those serious about blogging and those who may have a business online and want full control over their blog, a self hosted blog and paying for a domain name might be a better option. Setting up a blog is fairly easy and should only take five minutes even if you don’t know a lot about websites or installing blogs. Hosting can cost as little as less than five dollars a month and a domain name costs an average of ten dollars for the year.

The largest factor people need to consider before deciding on a blogging platform is what they are going to be using it for. After that, ease of use and functionality should come into play as other important factors. And finally, regardless of the intent a person has with their blog, they need to be dedicated to keeping it up if they decide to go with their own hosting and purchasing a domain name, otherwise the money spent on that year will be lost.

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