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How To Get Maximum Advantage From Hosting Free WordPress Websites

Posted on March 23, 2011 by

If you are looking for the best way to build a range of free business websites, I would advise you to take a look at WordPress. You can create free WordPress websites and use them to promote your business and by doing so you will enjoy several key benefits which I want to describe in this article.

With the arrival of WordPress, gone are the days of having to learn HTML, and other language codes to build websites. No longer do you need to upload each file you create to your server, or perform a lot of those other mundane tasks that you need to do with a regular website. The fact is, WordPress has have made our lives much easier.

Setting Up Your Business Online Using Free WordPress Websites

You can build a free business websites on two different platforms of WordPress:

1. Hosted on WordPress.com – If you use the hosting of WordPress, your blog is already set up as soon as you register. You can immediately start posting your content. It’s OK for people, who are just getting their feet wet.

The disadvantage is that you cannot experience some of the rich features that WordPress has, if it is hosted on the WordPress server. You can’t install plugins that would make your business easier to manage, and would help your website rank higher in the search engines.

2. Hosted by Your Domain on Another Web Host – In this model, you first purchase multiple-domain webhosting, and then you can build free WordPress websites on your own domains, taking advantage of the full power of WordPress. This is suitable for almost any business.

10 Benefits of Free WordPress Sites on Your Own Domain

When you use free WordPress sites with your own domain, big things start to happen. You will discover that you are in total control of your free business website.

Here are 10 benefits:

1. Easy Installation – Installation is very easy when you have a web hosting service that has auto installers. auto installation can be carried out by programmes like Fantastico. Just a couple of clicks and WordPress is installed on a server other than WordPress.com.

2. Syndicate with RSS – When you use free WordPress websites, you are allowed to syndicate your content. That means that you enable other people to be informed whenever anything has been updated. Anytime you create a new post, your RSS subscriber will receive the update announcement.

3. SEO Friendly – The structure of blogs makes them able to rank high and fast. By using plugins such as All-in-One-SEO on your free WordPress websites, getting your business website ranked becomes much easier.

4. Plugins for Everything – Speaking of plugins, there are plugins for almost everything for your free business website. Plugins make quick changes on your website, and help make your life much easier.

5. Quick Themes – If you had a regular website designed, it would cost you much money. Plus, every time you wanted to make changes to the look and feel of the site, it would cost you money. WordPress Themes are designs that can make your website look legit in a few seconds. If you don’t like the way your website looks, you just change your theme, and it’s changed in seconds.

6. Fast Content Update – It’s easy to edit or add posts with free WordPress websites. This saves you a lot of time, compared to adding new pages on a regular website.

7. Lockdown Your Site – Free business websites using WordPress are able to password protect their pages by clicking a few buttons. You can also protect your entire website by using various free password protector plugins.

8. Rank Booster – By using the WordPress Tag System, you help increase traffic to your website. You can also use ping plugins to promote your site every time you make a new post.

9. Communicate with Comments – The comments feature on free WordPress websites gives you the power to communicate with your subscribers by posting comments. Your subscribers can also add tips and comments if they want.

10. It’s Free – Yes, even the WordPress that you install on a different web hosting account is free.

You should definitely consider building free WordPress websites for your business on your own domain.

P. S. To learn how to create free WordPress websites on your own domain, visit: Free-Wordpress-Websites.com
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