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How to get on the front page of Digg.com

Posted on September 20, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

The purpose of getting on the front page of Digg.com is obvious. As we all know, meaning of being on the front page of Digg.com is getting a lot of traffic to our website or blog. So here, I am going to share with all of you a method with the help of which you will be on the front page of Digg.com and Yes! it is guaranteed! Although, it is a very simple method, but still it requires some work because ‘No pains, No gains’

Here is step by step information:

1. Visit www.digg.com and submit a story about your website or anything. Keep remember that it should be a catchy one. Try to start like ‘How windows Xp is better than Vista’ or ‘Why Windows Xp is famous’ or something like that starting from why, how & where etc.

2. Only by writing a good story is not enough, you need more people to read and digg your story and for this purpose you need to invite the people to read your story, but the option of inviting people is not there at Digg.com, So? Ok, Do not worry. From here, we need to do some tricks. As you know every webmaster and internet marketer do tricks to get traffic and we will also do the same.

3. Download Vallen Emailer from http://www.vallen.de/freeware This is a free tool and it can send emails at thousands of email IDs within few minutes. I know you might not have thosuands of email IDs but now, you will have. Install vallen emailer on your PC.

4. After you have completed downloading and installing Vallen Emailer, visit http://www.sagawebs.com and download Acute Email IDs Production Engine. This is a wonderful product for email marketing and has become the first choice of every webmaster. This product is also equivalent to free.

5. Run this program on your PC and you will be having thousands of country targeted email IDs in front of you. Export email IDs in a text file and open vallen emailer.

6. Now write a friendly email as you write to your friend and tell him about the story you have submitted at Digg.com. Import all email IDs produced by Acute Email IDs Production Engine in vallen emailer and it can send email at those email IDs in a single stroke.

7. Wait for few hours and after few hours again visit Digg.com and check the number of Diggs you have got, it will surely increase the rate of Diggs on your story and Yes! your story will be surely on the first page of Digg.

8. Every story reader will visit your website or blog and you will be getting a lot of visitors to it. Not only this if you are also selling a product/service/subscription or anything else you will get a load of sales by this way.

9. The best thing is that, you will keep on getting traffic even after few days of using this techniques because some of the people do not check emails on daily basis so whenever they will check their emails then will visit at your website.

I can remember last time, when I used this technique, I got near about 300 visitors per day only from Digg.com and I made $350 in one week selling my ebooks.

Hope you liked it!

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Chetan Ahuja is a Double Master Degree holder as he is M.Com, M.Phil. He has completed his M.Com and M.Phil. in Electronic Commerce both in first division. He has also worked as a lecturer in commerce for few years. He writes articles about Online Selling, Money Making and About Making thesis and dissertations. His articles keep on being published on the different sites.

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