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How to Make a Website or Blog with WordPress WITHOUT Coding, all in under 2 hours!

Posted on August 21, 2012 by Blog Design Journal
How to Make a Website or Blog Without Coding, Using WordPress

How to Make a Website or Blog Without Coding, Using WordPress

Learn how to make a professional website or blog on your own domain in less than a couple of hours, and learn how to do it all using the Internet’s most popular Content Management System: WordPress.

No coding knowledge is required to use WordPress…if you can use Microsoft Word, you can make a professional website with WordPress (WordPress is software that is completely free).

It is all taught in step-by-step lessons in this book (with links to supporting video lessons for extra clarity).

With the lessons taught in my book, you will be able to create any type of website that you want with any kind of look that you want, from personal blogs to professional business websites to e-commerce websites.

Also, included as a bonus chapter, an introduction to how to build passive income websites using WordPress, and how making money online actually works!

Here are the topics covered in my book:


  • The SMARTEST and CHEAPEST way to buy a domain.
  • The SMARTEST and CHEAPEST way to buy a hosting package.
  • Linking your domain to your hosting account and installing WordPress.


  • An introduction to WordPress and best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings for your website.
  • How to add pages for regular websites.
  • How to add posts for blogs. 
  • How to add pictures and links. 
  • How to set up a sidebar using widgets.
  • How to change the look of your website with different themes. 
  • How to add a contact form, plugins, and social media buttons.


  • How to install Google Analytics for tracking.
  • How to add “buy now” PayPal buttons.
  • How to add an interactive “Google Maps” map to your website.
  • How to set up a mailing list / newsletter (and best practices for doing so).
  • How to protect your website from hackers, malware, and other viruses. 
  • Resources for e-commerce websites, doing keyword research, doing link building and SEO, affiliate marketing, membership websites, outsourcing, video recording, and more!


  • What are some of the most common methods for making money online? 
  • What is the simplest way to make passive income online? 
  • If I want to make money online, where do I start? 
  • The Structure of a $1,000 per Month Passive Income Website.

This book will enable you to build a professional website on your own domain in less than a couple of hours AND teach you a skill set that will blow open your possibilities for entrepreneurship!

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3 to “How to Make a Website or Blog with WordPress WITHOUT Coding, all in under 2 hours!”

  1. John Weber says:

    Pretty Much The Right Basics I’ve relied on Mike’s input a few times in the past and he convinced me to buy and read his new ebook. WordPress is the best website platform out there and this ebook takes you through all the basic steps you need to get your site up and running. Really though this ebook’s best friend is his website and you’d do best to read, watch, and do at the same time. Overall this really describes all the little weird boxes you’ll notice when you make your first website and explains them in a simple understandable way so you can learn and move forward. There’s always more and more and more to learn in webdesign but this really is all you need to make very presentable, professional websites. Worth the $0.99 for sure.

  2. Rachel says:

    so helpful! I have been wanting to create a blog in addition to a website for my business for so long, but was just lacking the confidence. I’m not a computer person, so I just assumed this was a job for someone who is. After reading this and subscribing to Mike’s newsletter I am with blog and a website for my business. I’m thrilled. Not only am I confident and proud of my work but I also have 2 functioning sites. Thank you Mike!

  3. Jamie Whitle says:

    In Less Than An Hour A great step by step guide that lets you build your own website as you read. A bonus – in less than an hour I had my own site up and running.The author goes the extra step by including links to video tutorials for more advanced bits like: Paypal integration, setting up Google maps, etc.Highly recommended.

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