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How to Make Money Blogging Easily

Posted on September 14, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Profit blogs probably caught your attention and now you want to know how to make money blogging. Before anyone even attempts to start money blogging, understanding what a blog is and knowing your niche is essential. Knowing your niche will allow you to determine your target audience. After you have decided who your audience will be, you need to create a blog. A blog is the next best thing after a website if you want to publish something.

When creating a blog, you have to choose your platform. For beginners, you can use blogger.com and for more advanced users you can choose WordPress. Once you have decied on a platform, you can start posting content relevant to your niche. Don’t copy from any site because you don’t want to get your blog flagged for spamming. Besides this is not a great way to attract more traffic to your blog.

Let’s say you’re done with your blog and you have posted cool content enough to keep your viewers’ attention. The next step is the beginning of how to make money blogging.
With blogs, you can either promote your business or products. If you don’t have any of these products or services ready then you can go to Clickbank, this is an online retail store with thousands of products from which you can choose to promote on your blog.
This type of product promotion is known as affiliate marketing. If you’re not comfortable with affiliate marketing then you can take a job as a blog reviewer or you can make blogging a full time job by creating blogs specific to your clients’ needs. There are many other ways on how to make money blogging, you just need to choose which method is most appropriate for you.

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