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How to Make Money with Blogs – Quick Money Making Ideas

Posted on May 03, 2010 by GuestBlogger

Will you be surprised to learn that blogging is amongst the quick money making ideas?

There are several ways in which to profit from blogs.  Here are some of them.

1. Make Money with AdSense or Other Ads

The simplest way in which to make money from blogs is with with AdSense.  You join Google’s program, and you put the code inside your template.  You will then automatically have ads, relative to your theme, placed on your blog.

Alternatives are Kontera, Chitika or Yahoo ads.

You might also be able to join an affiliate company and place different banners on your blog.

2. Make Money with Affiliate Products

You can promote other peoples’ products with banners, and feature them permanently on your blog.  The best placement is to put 125×125 banners to the right of your content.

Even better than banners, is writing your comments about the specific product.

Make an honest review, and put your affiliate link in the blog post, so people can check it out and hopefully buy it through your link.

3. Send Traffic to Your Other Sites

If you use your blog to send traffic to your other sites, your blog will not straight off make you money.  But you will still be earning in an indirect way.

Many prosperous people use free blogs this way, but some take it one step further and buy a domain; put up a WordPress blog, and then utilize it with the unique purpose of sending traffic to their main product site.

4. Sell Your Own Products

It doesn’t matter whether you have a free blog on Blogger, or you have your own domain with a WordPress blog.  You can still sell your own products from it.

There are different ways in which to do this.  One of the easier methods is to set up a PayPal or AlertPay button, and make sure that the customer receives the product download automatically after the purchase.

Alternative ways are to offer your product for free, piggy-backing for those people already signing up for another free gift, filling out a survey etc.  You can join services like ShareCash.org or TrialPay to utilize this method.

5. Make Money with Paid Reviews

Some of the biggest-earning bloggers write paid reviews.  You can do this too.  You should always disclose that you are being paid to do the review and, likewise, always be honest with your comments.   Anyway, you will be paid whether you’re positive or negative about a product.

You can join ReviewMe or use any other service that connects the customer and the blogger.

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