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How to Make Money with Your Blog: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Building, Optimizing, and Monetizing Your Blog (How to Make . . .)

Posted on October 06, 2012 by Blog Design Journal
How to Make Money with Your Blog (book)

How to Make Money with Your Blog

Blogging for Dollars!

Whether you re an experienced blogger or an absolute beginner, you can make money with your blog.

Simply follow the step-by-step advice of two expert bloggers and industry insiders who have launched many successful sites of their own.

In How to Make Money with Your Blog, they’ll walk you through every step of the blogging process, and they’ll even share their most profitable tricks of the trade.

  • Generate income using various types of ads
  • Tap into the power of other blogs
  • Maximize searches for more hits and more money

Every blogger and website owner needs to read this book. Bill Hartzer, billhartzer.com

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2 to “How to Make Money with Your Blog: The Ultimate Reference Guide for Building, Optimizing, and Monetizing Your Blog (How to Make . . .)”

  1. Jeff Lippincott "JLIPPIN" says:

    Another book on Internet marketing presented from the blogging perspective. Full of good content. This is a book I recommend anyone interested in Internet marketing read and study. I liked it overall. But I didn’t like the title to the book because it gives the consumer the idea that there is real money to be made blogging. At page 88 the author finally acknowledges that bloggers should not expect to earn anything more than modest amounts of revenue each month. And modest means minimal! The book has the following chapters:1. Quick starts: Top 10 lists2. Blogs and search optimization (SEO)3. Generating revenue with your blog4. Managing your blog5. Extras and inspirationThis book attemps to cover all aspects of successful blogging. It introduces the reader to Blogger and WordPress, which are the two main free blog-hosting services online. It also covers the various hosting options and what to look for in a host. I have blogs at both Blogger and WordPress, and I think they are wonderful hosting services. This book also covers how to create, maintain and promote a blog.According to the authors you can monetize your blog with either contextual ads, ad networks, or affiliate programs. Of course, it takes a very popular blog (one with lots of traffic) for much money to be made from any of these sources. And if you have a blog that is that successful, then you’d be better off selling your own products and services where you make all the money instead of collecting a wimpy commission.This book covers how to use your blog to self promote and gain credibility in your field. Your blog will help you funnel prospects and paying customers to your real Web site where you sell what you do for a living. Basically, blogs are great public relations and publicity tools for you to use in marketing your products and services.I would have liked the book better if its content had been divided into more than five chapters. It would have been an easier read if it had been. And I would have liked the book better if the title were different. For me the book is about blogging, and not how to make money from blogging. And since the author says few blogs will generate much cash each month, then why title the book about making money?Blogs can be used as an Internet marketing tool similar to article writing, and in a way social networking. They can be used to market public speaking gigs for the author, and to sell white papers and ebooks the author has written. And they can make referrals to the author’s main Web site where she sells online coaching, offline bootcamps, or similar services, or higher ticket products. Finally, blogs can help their owners connect to other bloggers who are part of the blogoshere. And getting connecting translates into getting known. 4 stars!

  2. Jerry Saperstein says:

    Definitely doesn’t live up to its title The authors devote one chapter to “Generating Revenue With Your Blog” – and, frankly, it doesn’t tell you anything you can’t learn on the web. In fact, the authors refer the reader to many web sources for what they repeat in the book. There really isn’t much substance to this book. It is moderately well written, but offers no new or rare insights. It might be usable for someone who doesn’t use the web much or isn’t a very good researcher and who can’t find information on blogs on the web. In short, it’s a simple guide and nothing more, with much of the information coming directly from web sources, which the authors are honest enough to credit. But be aware that none of the subjects covered are treated in any depth. The part about “search enhine optimization” is laughably incomplete and amateurish. The book simply doesn’t live up to the promise of its title.Jerry

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