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How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers (Better Blog Booklets)

Posted on January 29, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

REVEALED: How to Write “A-List” Blog Posts and Build an Audience of Raving Fans

Booklet Length: 7596 Words

What’s the secret to blogging success? It all starts with the content you create. You see, it’s impossible to build a profitable blog if you’re NOT providing value to visitors.

In “How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers” you’ll get a simple system for writing blog posts that readers love!

Take Your Blog to the NEXT Level…

Once upon a time, blogging was a platform for sharing your thoughts with the world. Now it has become a big business. You can’t write about yourself and expect to make money.

What you need to do is create content in a strategic way where you’re building a business.

Always remember this:

Most people read blogs for selfish reasons. Their loyalty largely depends on how much value you provide. They may “like” you, but they’ll stop reading the moment you stop publishing great content.

Your goal is to always answer the “what’s in it for me?” question that people have about your website.

What you’ll get with this booklet is a proven recipe for publishing great posts on a regular basis. You won’t just learn how to write the occasional “one hit wonder.” Instead you’ll discover a method for cranking out great articles on a weekly basis.

Follow the 5-Step Compelling Content Action Plan

How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers” details a proven strategy for building a rock-solid publishing plan.

Inside this booklet you’ll discover:

  1. 19 Compelling Blog Post Ideas
  2. 5 Steps to an Actionable Blog Post Schedule
  3. 12 Elements of Engaging Blog Posts
  4. How to Improve the Quality of Your Blog Content
  5. 9 “Must Read” Content Creation Resources

You can write great blog posts! Just follow this blueprint and you’ll learn how to do it.

Would You Like To Know More?

Download now and take your blog writing to the next level.

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2 to “How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers (Better Blog Booklets)”

  1. S. Davis "Scott Davis" says:

    Great Stuff Steve’s ebook offers valuable information for both novice and experienced bloggers alike. He offers multiple ideas on how to set-up, write and deliver blogs that will constantly deliver quality content to your current readers while attracting news ones at the same time. He writes out his ideas in an easy to read, progressive format that takes you through each step in the process and explains, in layman’s terms, how to deliver the goods. I recommend this book to anyone who is just starting their first blog or even up to the intermediate level experienced blogger.

  2. Sweet Pea says:

    Pithy Little Book I love Steve Scott’s books because you get concise, helpful information with no filler. I find many books of this type very annoying because they tease you with just enough information to make you want more but finish before they deliver the “more” part of the story. Scott does not do that. He gives you the information you need to do the job. Another great little book.

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