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How To Write Great Website Content: Get High In Search Engines and Increase The Leads, Sales or Donations Of ANY Website

Posted on November 11, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

While the technology of the web has grown at break-neck pace, the quality of the content hasn’t kept up. Most websites for businesses are still just nice looking online brochures, or “brochure-ware.” Nice looking in that many marketing people and web teams want first and foremost for their website to “present our brand.”

What is so often overlooked is that people will base their decisions on what they read. Most websites, still, are simply informative rather than action oriented.

You know different. You want people who visit your site to DO SOMETHING. That’s why you’re reading this. Compelling people to take action is vital if you want to generate leads, get phone calls, make sales, raise donations, or achieve whatever goals you have set for your website. Don’t know what your goals are? Read on and I will help you set them.

I wrote this book because there’s so much schlocky writing on the web. Increasing sales and leads requires content that blends knowledge of a product or service with three highly specialized and distinct skills: search engine optimization, sales copy writing, and writing for the web. All three of these skills are needed for a high performing website, yet it’s rare that all are found in the same writer.

This book may be short, but it will give you the understanding and skills you need to write content that will increase your online traffic, conversions, or whatever goals you have for your website.

This book includes:

Where to Begin?
• When should you begin thinking about content?
• Start With Keywords
• Identify One Goal Per Page
• Process

Writing for Search Engines
• Relevancy
• How Do I Write “Relevant” Page Content?
• Keyword Density
• Target More Than One Keyword Phrase Per Page
• The Importance of Meta Tags
• Page Content
• Page Structure
• The Importance Of Unique Content
• A Note On Style

Convince People to Take Action
• Start With A Goal in Mind
• How People Read on the Web
• Make it REDICULOUSLY Easy for People To Read Your Website
• Use Headers to Grab Attention
• Revision
• Be Compelling
• This is Not About You
• What Makes You Uniquely Able to Solve My Problem?
• Sell More With Features & Benefits
• The All Important Call To Action

• Examples
• Content Docs

40 pages.

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2 to “How To Write Great Website Content: Get High In Search Engines and Increase The Leads, Sales or Donations Of ANY Website”

  1. kemme says:

    Too simple and not worth the money!! I thought this book would be great as it had some good reviews and a good description on the topic inside the preview. It turns out this book only has 36 pages and does not go into depth at all. I mean how is that possible with that amount of pages. It doesn’t say anywhere that the book only has 36 pages, and now I know why: Because it’s a Scam!!So be aware of this before buying this book. There surely must better options available.

  2. Richard Stooker "Author, Income Investing Sec... says:

    Read before you put up your site or add more content As the owner of several websites of over 600 pages and someone who’s been paid to write articles for other people’s websites, I endorse the advice in this book.Before you begin your website, you must do a lot of keyword research and make an overall plan, before you write word one of the content.This is all the more important given the various Panda updates Google has been implementing over the past year.The advice on writing sales copy is a good start, but still only rudimentary. Your sales page should be designed to sell, not attract traffic from search engines. That’s the job of your content pages. In most cases the Most Wanted Response to your content pages is to click through to your sales page.First you attract them and impress them. Then you sell them.

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