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Huffington Post

Posted on July 22, 2012 by Blog Design Journal
Huffington Post logo

Huffington Post app icon

The Huffington Post now offers an app for smart phones.

Product Features

  • Provides mobile access to one of the most popular web news sites
  • Generates news from numerous sources
  • Offers columns and opinion pieces from the Huffington Post’s top bloggers
  • Free app with no advertising
  • Allows reader comments on stories and direct posting to Facebook

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3 to “Huffington Post”

  1. G. Argov says:

    Good News Source The Huffington Post is considered by many to be very left-of-center, but even though I self-identify as a political moderate, I like the Huffington Post’s comprehensive news coverage. I generally check the website rarely (rather, I frequently come across articles through Google News), but with this app I appreciate just how extensive their selection of articles is.The app is very polished and I highly recommend it to anyone who follows the news. The widget is also quite good, but as another reviewer noted, it is not as customizable as some other programs’ widgets are.I am running this on a and have had no problems so far with the program or the widget crashing or freezing. I will update this review if I do experience problems.

  2. KayJayEm says:

    Mostly well done app This app is mostly well done but it does have a few problems that are more annoying than anything else. First, the home page will auto rotate for a nice wide view, but when you go into an article, it will only display portrait, no rotation whatsoever. Seems like an easily fixed problem, but I’m not a programmer. Also, many times, an article will say “see video above” but what is a video on the full site is nothing more than a picture on the mobile app. I understand the need to simplify for mobile, but I feel like the pic should at least link to the video in the article and allow playing with YouTube app or whatever. Really these are the only two issues I have with this app. It’s not a data hog and it gives me the Huffington Post right at my fingertips wherever I go, which is very nice! But compared to other news apps, it leaves something to be desired.

  3. Coastal Ex "C Ex" says:

    Excellent This app runs very stable on G2, easy to navigate top headlines. the widget is even better, although it takes a lot of space up on desktop and lacks borders (which i prefer personally).

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