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If You Want Blog Income You Need To Offer Real Value

Posted on September 16, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

You’ve probably heard tales of people who make 4-figure, even 5-figure incomes each month from their blog or blogs. There’s some truth to those stories. People really do it. I know of people who make that much blog income each month. But most make little or nothing. One reason for the difference is the value the successful folks deliver.

It’s easy to create a blog. So easy in fact that there are over 100 million blogs out there. Even so, only a very tiny percentage of the people who try this make any money. A big part of the reason why is that most blogs deliver little or no value.

Unless there’s something special about a blog, it will have little value to visitors, and will make very little (if any) money. Something about the blog must be unique and engaging. Either the content itself, or your opinions about the content, or in rare instances, the way your write. If you’re saying the same stuff as everyone else, with a generic style and middle of the road opinions, few people will care about your blog.

The people best positioned to deliver unique content for a blog are the experts in the niche the blog is about. Experts can deliver value simply by providing information that isn’t readily available elsewhere. For those who aren’t in a position to write about unique aspects of the niche, the way you deliver the information has to provide the value your readers want.

A moderate and uncontroversial style is the kiss of death for bloggers who aren’t experts in the field. Whether people love your style or hate it, the important thing is that they feel strongly. The same goes for your opinions. Drill it into your head that if you can’t engage your visitor’s emotions, and can’t give them unique information, your blog is doomed.

I hope you’re clear on the fact that you must deliver value, either in the form of unique content or emotionally-engaging style, if you want any chance of making serious blog income. If you learn how to do this properly, you’ll have conquered a problem area most bloggers never get past.

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