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iPad iPad2 iPad3 iPad4 iPad Mini Teleprompter R810-10 with Beam Splitter Glass

Posted on June 23, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Are you looking to improve your video presentations or Internet Marketing videos? Do you want your YouTube videos to look more professionally produced? Get rid of those homemade cue cards and make your videos the professional way. Teleprompters allow you to read scrolling text while looking directly into the camera. Save time and money by not having to memorize your lines. Your presentations look personal and natural. The R810-10 Teleprompter levels the playing field and allows you to compete with large companies and large budgets.

This teleprompter is very flexible. It holds your small hand held camera, DSLR, or larger format video camera. The top platform provides you with the ability to adjust the distance between your camera and the reflective glass. If you have more than one camera, the teleprompter is accommodating to the size of the camera that you want to use. The bottom of the teleprompter has a slot so you may connect the teleprompter’s metal frame to your tripod. This also allows you flexibility in providing balance to the unit. The front of the bottom piece accommodates a variety of projection devices. Use the power of your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet (10.1″; 7″), or Smartphone to project scrolling text on the reflective glass. The included black cloth covers the camera and darkens the area behind the glass. This allows the image from the iPad or iPhone to reflect onto the glass. The beam splitter glass allows 70% visible light transmission. This is the same beam splitting glass found in more expensive teleprompters, but at a significantly reduced cost. Your camera will NOT photograph the text. When you receive your teleprompter, some assembly is required. Only a Phillips head screwdriver is necessary.

Product Features

  • Use your original iPad, iPad2, iPad3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone, Android Tablet, or Smartphone as the projection device
  • Use with your small handheld camera, DSLR, or larger format video camera
  • Has beam splitter glass with 70% visible light transmission (VLT)
  • Powder coated metal
  • Includes: Teleprompter, black background cloth, and connectors such as a wing nut and wing screws

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2 to “iPad iPad2 iPad3 iPad4 iPad Mini Teleprompter R810-10 with Beam Splitter Glass”

  1. Johnny Wu says:

    can be better I got this cause I was looking for an inexpensive way to have a teleprompter small enough I can go to location shoot, I got myself a tripod dolly that would help me push the tripod around smooth floor and the teleprompter would be ideal for on location ‘moving shots with prompter’.I asked the company at first to make sure it works with my setup: I have a Canon t2i camera and a HVX200 camera. I got a quick response for the answer and after a week, I placed my order.So, here’s my experience with the prompter:1. SetupIt took me a bit to figure out the instruction how to assemble the pieces together since the instruction with picture was done in b/w color, it was hard to figure out the ‘bottom part’ of the metal plate, if the curve area should face up or down, after 30 mins of monkeying around, I got it right.The screws for the prompter were not as ‘accomodating’, when I got all the pieces screwed together, the screw head was still sticking out a bit. I figured it would be ok… Keep reading, I was wrong…the Glass was good, the clothe that came with it is of a fabric that can easily attract animal hairs or foam, so I would suggest if you can, switch to a clothe typed that wouldn’t be attraction prone.2. setting it up with my DSLR T2i camera.I was having a hard time to use the wing nuts to secure it to my tripod (which was a vivitar cheap tripod), the tripod’s head screw was shorter, so it managed to secure it. When I screw the wing screw to the t2i, I had a hard time put my fingers between the top and bottom plate (it would be easier if you unscrew the prompter and do rescrew it back). then once I had the t2i on with the prompter, I realized it was wabbly.. Yeap, the screw was longer than the intended hole on the t2i. My thought, maybe I have to get a bolt cutter and cut it shorter, but then I realized, I can easily just get 1 or 2 washers and there, it secured.HOWEVER, as mentioned, the screws that were used to put the prompter together doesn’t stay flat on the surface, your camera would be a bit ‘elevated’ from the plate as it touches the screws’ head.Ipad was very much ‘just flat laid’ on the prompter, so if you ‘hit a bump’ the ipad may falls off, a easy solution: use velcro, tape one part of the velcro on the prompter and the other on back of your ipad case and viola! It is secured :)2. Using it with the HVX200 and Manfrotto 351mvb2 with 501HDV head. Boy, this WAS a pain, because the prompter’s screw’s head was not flat with the plate, the quick release for the manfrotto 501hdv would NOT allow it to slide in. So I have to unscrew the top and bottom plates, put the quick release of the tripod on, secure it and then slide the quick release with the bottom plate back to the tripod, and then put the screws back to tighten up the top and bottom plates.Oh and there is ONLY one hole you can use secure the tripod’s quick release to, as the two plates washers to secure the screws are sticking out from the bottom, it is ‘JUST about’ made it to the corders of the Manfrotto 501hdv head… So you can ONLY tighten it in the ‘middle’ hole, and then.Once the top and bottom plates are secured, you can then place the hvx200 on it, sort of secure it (the plate’s screw heads gets into the way).So that means, if I have to take this with me to location shoot, the best thing to do is bring a screwdriver and do the assembly on the stop. :)Other then that, the prompter does work well.But the extra hassles doesn’t warrant a 5

  2. JeffH says:

    Not perfect but worth the money Like the title says, this is a great little tool to have in the studio considering the price but it’s not exactly perfect. Insight Reviews has a video review on YouTube that goes into more detail and can explain better than I can in writing.Just search YouTube for R810-10 review.

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