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Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800

Posted on March 18, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

With laser-etched, backlit keys you can see easily in any light, a sleek look, and comfortable, fluid typing, the logitech wireless illuminated keyboard k800 delivers a brilliant typing experience-day or night.

Product Features

  • Brightly backlit keys with illuminated characters for easy typing?even in the dark
  • PerfectStroke key system makes every keystroke more comfortable, fluid and quiet
  • No batteries needed?recharge quickly with the included universal micro-USB cable
  • Powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection with one tiny Unifying receiver that stays in your computer
  • Works with Windows-based PCs

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2 to “Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800”

  1. David says:

    A Solid Keyboard I used to have the Dinovo Laptop Wireless keyboard but it gave up the ghost when several keys just stopped functioning all of a sudden–way too soon!This keyboard is an improvement over the Dinovo Wireless Laptop KB in that the space bar now registers clicks from the **side**–which the Dinovo wouldn’t register.In addition the K800 lets you into the Bios/Setup of your desktop–a first for me with wireless KB. GREAT!In terms of battery life, it has generic 2 AA NIMH 2000mah Made in China (“Designed in Japan”) “low discharge” rechargeable batteries. The compartment in the back has a screw and you’re allowed to put your own batteries back there if you want. Among battery brands, I’m partial to the fantastic “new and improved” Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables for their **great** low discharge (retains 75% discharge after 3 years). You can also put AA Duracells if it suits your mood instead of rechargeables. Two alkalines should last a long time (as long as you don’t overuse the backlight, of course) as Logitech wireless KBs historically do really great with batteries. The great thing is that this KB allows you to put whatever battery that suits you! The KB also has a battery dial to always let you know how much battery you have left.The recharging can be done via the yard-long USB cable which you can plug into the computer, or for faster charging, I plug it into the USB power adapter from one of my devices (Android smartphone, Kindle, etc) and continue using it wirelessly.In terms of KB lighting, the system allows you to adjust the light level at 25% intervals or inhibit the light altogether until when you really need it. I rarely game or use the KB in the dark but it’s nice to have this option for the odd time I need the KB lit. Of course, using the light will eat up battery life, but the software allows you to customize how long it should stay on (i.e. 10 sec, 1 minute, etc)…..Very customizable.The KB feel is latopish, but not as silent as my Macbook pro. The spacebar clacks a bit more than the other keys but not annoyingly so and really no different than most KBs out there (unfortunate, IMHO). This is more a pet peeve of mine than an actual real problem, BTW.The wireless connection is great. All keystrokes are registered, unlike my Dinovo that was MUCH MORE hit and miss.The build quality is solid and the keys feel that they will last from popping out. Hopefully, certain keys won’t electronically die on me within the year, as they did with my Dinovo (Logitech Customer Service took care of me though!)The keyboard should do fine gaming wired…or even wireless as the reception is very solid. Reception can be made even more robust by attaching the *SECOND* included yard-long USB cable (with a female end this time, to tie-in the detachable micro-receptor) which allows you to extend this tiny receptor module all the way to your desk, and if you wish, you can attach it more securely with some velcro stickies that you can buy at Home Depot, etc.I have no problems recommending this KB as it gives you options of wired or wireless with great battery life that can be improved with better Eneloop batteries or alkalines, and a bright light function (sensitive to your hand gesture) that can be toyed with to suit your needs. The FLEXIBILITY of this KB is why you’re paying the premium, though I do think it’s overpriced a bit (and thus why I knocked a star off from a perfect 5)!…

  2. Bailey Z. Rose says:

    Superior in every regard. This keyboard is a ‘step up’ from my former wireless keyboard — also a Logitech: . While my old keyboard was nice, the K800 offered a number of significant improvements, including an illuminated keyboard and a built-in rechargeable battery. It’s also compatible with the Logitech Unifying Receiver, which operates on the 2.4GHz frequency for great range and performance. Bottom line — I LOVE THIS KEYBOARD. For more details, see below:>>SETUP< < -- Getting this keyboard up and running was a snap. I just took it out of the box, inserted the Unifying Receiver, a teeny-tiny little USB device, into my desktop, and turned the keyboard on. The entire operation, from bringing the box inside my house to actively using the keyboard, took around a minute. This keyboard is truly plug-and-play.>>APPEARANCE< < -- This keyboard is sleek and stylish. The all-black coloring and use of both matte- and glossy-black finish is a tasteful design choice. This keyboard, like my old one, has a slim profile... very modern and 'clean' looking. The backlit keys are amazing! This is definitely a feature I will enjoy. It's nice to be able to see the keys at night without having to have the lights on; not only does it cut down on electricity, but it lets you do work at night without having to keep the house lit up while others are trying to sleep. Plus, if you're into gaming, it lets you get 'in the zone' with the monitor as the sole light source (besides the keyboard).>>PERFORMANCE / FUNCTIONALITY< < -- Again, this keyboard is a step up from my old one in every way. The illuminated keys (which have 4 brightness settings plus an 'always off' setting) are very nice. The programmable function keys are a bonus, but I don't typically use those. The keyboard layout is pretty much the standard, and should be intuitive for those with even a basic level of computer experience. The key spacing and proportions are good; I have large hands, my girlfriend has small hands, and we both love the keyboard. Keystrokes are smooth and QUIET, making even less sound that my old keyboard, which was already pretty quiet. The feel is that of a very nice, solid laptop keyboard... only a bit larger, and without the Laptop.>>WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY< < -- The 2.4GHz receiver with Logitech 'Unifying' technology is awesome. Truly plug-and-play. As an added bonus, the range is FAR superior to that of my old keyboard. I can sit at the table in my dining room, eating a meal or playing cards or another game with my friends, and use my keyboard to shuffle through a playlist on the computer in my office 30 feet away, behind a wall. The extended range of the 2.4GHz unifying receiver is something users of this keyboard will definitely enjoy.>>RECHARGING< < -- The recharging feature is great; no more worries about popping out batteries. I use for my devices, and a pair of AAAs in my old keyboard would last a couple months. Not bad, but it's even nicer to NEVER have to worry about batteries. The 10-day life is fine for me; recharging is as simple as plugging in a micro-USB cable to the back of the keyboard. You can do this while using the keyboard, or leave it charging overnight. Having the keyboard plugged in every week or so for a few hours, to me, is well worth the tradeoff of its light weight, illuminated keys, and excellent wireless range. NOTE that while the keyboard package includes a USB charging cord, you can use any old micro-usb charger plugged into a wall socket / power strip just as easily. Personally, I have two micro-usb charging cords plugged into my office power strip, and have them threaded through the little hole at the base of my monitor stand. I use these to charge wireless headphones, my cell phone, the K800 keyboard, bluetooth headset, etc. Very convenient, very cheap. You can find them for around a dollar on any web retail site, Amazon included.>>SUMMARY<< — what’s left to say? I really, really like this keyboard. At around eighty bucks, it’s a considerable pricetag for something as ‘basic’ as a keyboard, but take it from me: you will like this keyboard. The feel and layout are comfortable and sleek. The performance is great. The design / appearance is clean and modern. The recharging and illumination are key features you never knew you needed or wanted until you sit down and type with this keyboard. Bottom line: I enthusiastically recommend this keyboard to any and all users who may even occasionally wish to make use of the functionality of a wireless keyboard.

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