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MacJournal [Download]

Posted on February 01, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Chronicle your memories, your life events and your thoughts with MacJournal, a personal journaling and blogging application for everyone who owns a Mac. Enrich your journal entries by adding any kind of content – photos, images, files, QuickTime video – even audio. Use MacJournal’s unique Full Screen feature which will give you a huge writing landscape for all your thoughts. Share your thoughts and events – MacJournal entries can be published to any of the popular blogging services like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and more. Secure your entries with MacJournal’s two-level security: password protection and AES-256 encryption. Available for iPad and iPhone.

Product Features

  • Drag text, PDFs, QuickTime movies, mages, audio and more into a journal.
  • Visually filter your journal to the desired content, based on criteria.
  • Record video from your iSight and attach it to any entry. Keep it on your drive or upload it to your blog.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of MacJournal?s support of nearly a dozen languages.
  • MacJournal 5 now has a new image resizing feature. Photosharing integration, Quick Look and Smart Journal support make up the strength of MacJournal 5

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2 to “MacJournal [Download]”

  1. J. Brandenberger says:

    Can do most things, better, on a Mac The software has some positive features: good interface, reasonable to learn. And it seems to be refined and well-developed compared to other similar programs.However, I’ve found that the program does not do much more than I can already do on my MacIntosh. The website suggests that the software is like Lance Armstrong choosing a good bike instead of settling for something less, but I actually feel that I can do less with the program. On a Mac, one can set up a folder (labeled Journal 2009, or the like) along the left of the finder and use MSWord or Pages for entries which have much better and more extensive graphic and text functions that MacJournal. In fact, when I tried MacJournal it felt like the program was simply reinventing the MacIntosh Finder for me, with less capability. And while it’s nice to have things in one place, this also means one has too keep using the software to preserve the journaling system, or face a reorganization with lots of exporting in the future.Also, the program creates a ‘document” or like for each day, which seems like overkill. Then one has to open them separately to view. I realize that one can group such separate entries and export to wordprocessing as one document, but one could start this way in Word or Pages. With MacJournal one could reflect in one entry (renamed to something like January or 2009) for multiple days, but this again is similar to using a wordprocessing document.Overall I’d suggest this for power journalers willing to commit to one system.

  2. Star Lite says:

    A good choice in a limited market I like this product, way overdue for me. I use it strictly as a personal journal. The only gripe I have is that every once in a while the journal crashes and when you restart the program the password protection is off (I’ve even been able to get into it after restarting the computer without a password). Only because I use this as my journal, I like at least the illusion that when it’s password protected, it will be fully password protected whether the program crashes or not. Otherwise I’m happy with it.

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