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Make Money Online With A Blog – Free Or Paid Blogging Platforms

Posted on May 21, 2011 by

Learn how to Make Money Online with Profit Academy

Learn how to make money online with a blog whether if you wish to use a free or a paid blogging platform. If you want, you can invest in a domain name and a hosting service but its not required to start with. This means that even if you have no budget at all, you can still make money online using the many free services available on the internet.

A paid blog is much more professional, especially if you have a premium theme and a bespoke logo. Your image means alot so making a good first impression to your visitors will help with the grow of your blog. You have much more control over a blog that has its own hosting account as well as allowing you to have a email address with your own domain in it.

Free blogs can be just as profitable and if you use a service such as blogger then you can get some great search engine results fast, as the domain has an authority due to been owned by google. Building backlinks can be quicker on such domains due to the sheer amount of backlinks built across the network of subdomians but if you build backlinks too quickly on a new domain, it may get banned from the google search engine.

You must enjoy what you are writing about, its always best to have a passion for the subject as your readers will be able to tell. If you dont know much about the subject that you are blogging about then the writing will not have the best flow.

As affiliate marketing is huge, you will never be stuck for making revenue from the traffic that your blog creates. Adsense banners are another great way to make the most from your traffic. How ever, you can make much more money by selling the advertising space privately among the companies who find your blog. There will be many other companies that will research the search engines and if you pop up in a high ranking for their targeted keywords then you may get an email with an offer.

Learn how to Make Money Online with Profit Academy
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