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Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

If you want salient advice about your startup, you’ve hit the jackpot with this book. Harvard Business School Professor Tom Eisenmann annually compiles the best posts from many blogs on technology startup management, primarily for the benefit of his students. This book makes his latest collection available to the broader entrepreneur community.

You’ll find 72 posts from successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, such as Fred Wilson, Steve Blank, Ash Maurya, Joel Spolsky, and Ben Yoskovitz. They cover a wide range of topics essential to your startup’s success, including:

  • Management tasks: Engineering, product management, marketing, sales, and business development
  • Organizational issues: Cofounder tensions, recruiting, and career planning
  • Funding: The latest developments in capital markets that affect startups

Divided into 13 areas of focus, the book’s contributors explore the metrics you need to run your startup, discuss lean prototyping techniques for hardware, identify costly outsourcing mistakes, provide practical tips on user acquisition, offer branding guidelines, and explain how a choir of angel investors often will sing different parts. And that’s just for starters.

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2 to “Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts”

  1. Martin Wilson "Management Consultant" says:

    Are there really the best blog posts A few of these blog posts were great but simple visiting the author’s sites gives you the same content. Isn’t this exactly what blogs are for? Why publish this in a book?

  2. Anonymous says:

    You are looking into creating a startup, and seeking some advise from others? This book provides a collection of blog posts from others, with Tom Eisenmann compiling an annual collection of the best blog posts covering startup management, which in this edition counts up to 72 posts. The posts are more so about successful entrepreneurs who share their thought processes and experiences, to help you get a good head’s on start in the areas of:Management Tasks;Organisational issues; andFundingThe book is sectioned off into the appropriate topics, with certain areas more interesting to some than others, but I find the entire book to be a good FYI read, something to get you thinking in different ways, even if not every blog post is actionable. Certainly getting financial backing from angel investors is something every entrepreneur would want to be interested in, and I’d say that section is quite informative and digestible.I personally thing even fi you aren’t a venture capitalist, the ability to construct processes for planning an idea from conception, to managing interests, this book is still for you. The work of Professor Eisenmann of Harvard University in collating these blog posts has been great, and the size of the blog posts means you can read one or two every morning on your ride to work, which is what I have been doing, taking down notes and annotations for future use.

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