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Optimizing Blog Post Headlines in WordPress

Posted on December 01, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

If you were to develop a site seven or eight years ago, you would likely need at least a basic understanding of programming codes like HTML or Javascript. Such coding was a significant barrier to entry for many non-digitally savvy users. The game changed when WordPress was developed in 2003. Since its release, WordPress has grown to an incredible 62.8 million websites in the US and 202 million websites worldwide.

WordPress is an open-source blog publishing application that eliminates web programming for the end user. As it is open-source, there are many different features that have been created by developers to enhance your blogging experience and website design. Many of these features allow bloggers to increase their SEO performance. We will discuss many of these features and how to use them in WordPress.

Use Static Key Words

The more key words you have on your webpage, the more attractive you are to web crawlers. (In simple terms, keyword density is one of many variables web crawlers look at. For example, Google Search looks for the quantity and quality of other sites linking to you).

WordPress has many tools to create sections to feature your own blog posts. In WordPress, click on the “Appearance” button in the left sidebar. A drop down menu will appear. Click on “widgets.” Then drag and drop widgets, such as “recent posts,” “tag clouds” and “links” in the sidebar 1 column on the right. These widgets will increase the number of key words that appear on every page.

Use WordPress Plugins

You might also consider a plugin that features relevant post. This will increase your SEO and pageviews by creating an additional source of keywords and generate relevant content for your reader. Simply click…

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