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Principles of Information Systems (with Online Content Printed Access Card)

Posted on September 01, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Stair/Reynolds’ PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 10E puts today’s principles of information systems first, where they belong! This streamlined edition focuses on the core IS principles that are most important in business studies or careers. Readers gain the solid foundation to better understand the entire IS discipline and how to use IS concepts in business to further the emphasis organizations now place on innovation and speed. Readers examine the changing role of today’s IS professional with the most current examples and IS references available. New detailed coverage of cloud computing and new updates of forecasting demonstrate issues reshaping IS today. The most recent research on virtual communities and work structures highlights how social networking sites assist virtual teams. PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, 10E provides insights to help any reader function more efficiently and effectively as a worker, manager, decision maker, or organizational leader in business today.

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2 to “Principles of Information Systems (with Online Content Printed Access Card)”

  1. rallan says:

    Simple overview of business IT This is an introduction text to business IT. It presents at least a page or two on most issues. It will give the neophyte a broad overview but has insufficient information to allow the reader to make strategic and tactical IT business decisions. It has errors and is often lacks balance when approaching many concepts i.e.; the authors could have applied more critical faculty and less “ra-ra” booster-ism. Parts are pretty out-of-date, even for an IT book.The most frustrating part is the abstract presentation and artificial distinction of many IT business concepts (knowledge systems, decision support systems, expert systems, business intelligence) with poor or no examples. E.g; the authors are talking about business intelligence in lofty terms but in the example it’s just the application of statistical analysis with SPSS. You come away not sure what application should be used for what business function, and how these applications may be different from one another other than being from different vendors.I did pick up new information and a few pearls of wisdom, and followed up on them. But the serious student will have to dig-deeper/take-more-courses to learn best business IT practices.

  2. Dana says:

    Amazing Access code was still in the book, no bent corners, and arived within just a couple days of ordering. Great service!

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