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Professional Content Management Systems: Handling Digital Media Assets

Posted on April 30, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Content and Content Management are core topics in the IT and broadcast industry. However these terms have not been clearly defined for those learning the field. The topic is complex and users from different industries have different backgrounds and a varied understanding of content issues. Multimedia Content Management helps to clarify the subject area, define problematic issues and establish a universal understanding of content and its management.
* Provides clarity in the subject area
* Defines potential problems and establishes a universal understanding
* Builds an architectural framework upon this account and different aspects of the industry and solutions are reviewed
* Comprehensively describes the different users working and accessing content, the applications and workflows

Essential reading for students, engineers and technical managers, in the area of data, storage management and multimedia, requiring an overview of this complex topic. The topics discussed will also prove highly insightful for executive managers and media professionals with a technical understanding and broadcast executives in the field.

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3 to “Professional Content Management Systems: Handling Digital Media Assets”

  1. Xiaoguang Chen says:

    Great book ! There are several books on Content Management Systems (CMS). But there are only very few books on the market covering the topic of Digital asset management (DAM). Three books stands out:”Professional Content Management System: handling Digital Media Assets”, “Digitial Asset Management: how to realize value of video and image libaries” and “Expanding a Digital Content Management System: for the Growing Digital Media Enterprise”.Each book describes the subject in different perspectives. The “Digitial Asset Management: how to realize value of video and image libaries” by David Austerberry is more like introduction to DAM and related concepts and technologies. While “Expanding a Digital Content Management System: for the Growing Digital Media Enterprise” by my former collegaue and friend, Magan Authur is discussing how to plan and implement a large scale digital content management systems. The Professional Content Management Systems by A Mathure and P. Thomas empersizes much more on (and deeper in) technical and applicaiton design aspects. Besides the basic concepts, it covers a wide range of topics on DAM from user requirements;video production use cases and workflows; media formats and standards; system architecture and integrations; hardware infrastructure and application requirements. The deepth of the discusions on systems architecture of both software and hardware are incrediable. The application modules and use cases scenarios presented for broadcasting industry are very well illustrated. The book reveals fully the authors vivid imagation, creative and industry experience.Even though I may not completely agree with every piece of the design described in the book, some of the core concepts and use cases described are really valuable. (I have built one of succussful commercial enterprise DAM system used by by many large enterpises in broadcasting, advertising and Coorporate Marketing before this book was published).I especially recommend this book to Product Managers and System Architect who are trying to build a DAM system; or trying to build applications on top of the DAM System. I have read ths book twice since I brought it over 1 year ago. It’s still very refreshing to read it.disclaimer: I have no association with the authors of the book (don’t know them) or BlueOrder.Chester Chen (Xiaoguang Chen)

  2. Johannes Verweerde "Mrclogz1947(youtube)" says:

    In depth knowledge of digital video aspects for TV broadcasting I have just received this book and went trough it to see what it is all about.I found an enormous amount of details about different video compression types from mpeg 1 to mpeg 7 and more.i can not see the point of reading the book from start to finish.As a reference work to be consulted when you like to find some detailed knowledge I find the book very useful.The book is written from a broadcast television point of view.The main subject is video and more special videos for broadcasting.Creation and archiving these videos is discussed in detail.The relative high price of the book indicates that it is written for the few insiders in the subject looking for clear definitions and standards.Reference to many international standards is givenI find the book very theoretical and there are very detailed schemes of information flow without too many details about hardware shown in the schemes.I like to classify the book as a very valuable reference book and will further use it as such.Jan Verweerde (MrClogz1947)

  3. Anonymous says:

    If your looking to implement a CMS system or improve an existing one, this book is a great reference! The book was shipped new and still looked perfectly new when it arrived (not a single corner had a ding in it). Awesome!

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