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Razer Mouse Bungee – Mouse Cord Management System

Posted on October 04, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

The sleek Razer Mouse Bungee threads your mouse’s cord through its taut spring arm to keep it off the ground, for a smoother, tangle-less drag-free mouse swiping experience. Its anti-slip feet and weighted centre ensures the Razer Mouse Bungee stays stable no matter how aggressive your swipes and wrist flicks, keeping your gaming mouse under your control all the time.

Product Features

  • Anti-Slip Feet for Heavy-Duty Stability
  • Space Saving
  • Drag-Free Cord Control
  • Mouse Bungee will help keep your cord off the ground, away from the rest of your clutter.

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2 to “Razer Mouse Bungee – Mouse Cord Management System”

  1. Andrew Michalski says:

    Helpful, but not satisfying. Pros: The mouse bungee lifts the mouse cord off the ground, providing drag-free mouse movement. Feeling the mouse cord hang up on something on my desk has been a longstanding pet peeve of mine. This product alleviates that problem.Cons: The item is lighter than expected. The “weighted base” does the job due to very sticky rubber underneath rather than actual weight. Also, my mouse cord does not want to stay in the guide slots. The main spring works. However, if you tug on it, the whole mouse cord will come loose sometimes. Lastly, the price point is not justified given the usefulness and the build quality of the item.Other thoughts: In my opinion, this item does not support Razer’s new campaign that “PC gaming is not dead”. When it works, it works great! However, in some ways I’m no better off than I was before: rather than worrying about my mouse cable hanging up on my desk, I’m worrying about it coming loose from the mouse bungee. I expected to “set it and forget it”. This item does not live up to those expectations.

  2. Alex Kim says:

    Mouse Bungee – Solves most of your mouse cord problems Mouse bungees have been out there for a long time. However, as time passed by, it became slightly harder to find these mouse bungees, as the original manufacturer started to make less of the original version. There are still few available if you look around in the right places, but it’s hard to find one.Fortunately, Razer has teamed up with the Mouse Bungee manufacturers to make Razer’s own Mouse Bungee.Now, before moving on, I would like to say that my mouse bungee was slightly broken when it came, as one side of the spring did not have enough glue and just separated away from the cord holder (the top part of the mouse bungee). However, the glue was weak on only one side and the other side did not have any problem. The bungee did not have problem either, as the product stayed in put. However, make sure the product is in one-piece, or get a replacement product. Don’t use excessive force to check either, as you might break the bungee itself.Pros:-Keeps the mouse cord untangled-Eliminates, or rather, distributes drag evenly-Great for traveling-Never moves around if used properly-Uses springs, works perfectly every timePersonally, I found myself traveling around with my mouse and keyboard a lot. Luckily, the mouse bungee prevented my mouse cord from dragging around and eliminated ‘drag’ (or according to some people, distributed the drag evenly). Though I might have harder time managing my other cords, mouse was never a problem after I got the Mouse BungeeCons:-Extra item to carry around, need to be careful, especially if bungee and mouse are stored in the same area while traveling (You do not want the mouse to be damaged from the pointy parts of the bungee by accident)-Have to clean the base often-Might damage the mouse cordThis product is rubber based, unlike other mouse bungees out in the market. Most mouse bungee nowadays are heavy weight, which prevents the bungee from moving around. However, Razer decided to make a travel-friendly, compact version of mouse bungee without a heavy base. The rubber base works fine, but it has to be cleaned often as it collects a lot of dust. If the mouse bungee doesn’t ‘stick’ to a surface, you have to clean it or else the bungee might fall over during your session.Also, I highly recommend this mouse bungee for Razer mouse, but you might want to consider buying other mouse bungee if the cord of your mouse is larger than the ones of Razer. I currently own Logitech G1 and while trying to install my mouse cord into the mouse bungee, the mouse bungee had no problem tearing through the rubber-based cord. Eventually, I had to use scotch tape to finally secure my cord. I did not complain, however, as it worked fine.Note: Braided mouse cords will be destroyed if you use Mouse bungee, even people recommend braided mouse users NOT to use mouse bungee.Conclusion: The original mouse bungee is very similar to the Razer mouse bungee. Using double springs for the ‘bungee’ effect, this little device keeps the mouse cord from tangling and being ‘dragged’ around the desk. Unlike its previous version, however, this mouse bungee depends on the ‘stickiness’ of its base for support, compared to previous versions where the weight of the mouse bungee supported the device.Though there are cons to this product, if you find yourself unsatisfied with your computer experience due to mouse drag, then Razer Mouse Bungee should solve your problem.

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