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Reasons Why Blogs Rank Well In Search Engines Results

Posted on April 06, 2010 by Blog Design Journal

I understand that the word blog was derived from the word log. Someone sat somewhere and decided to be creative by playing with word logging. Indeed that person was creative and developing a version of logging. Since then that new version of logging has spread all over the internet. Almost any internet browser has used it in one way or the other. And to Individuals who enjoy blogging know that a well-written content can generate all kinds of traffic.

The number one rule in building your own is to be focused on one topic and anything that is related to it. In order to get the traffic you desire, you need to take advantage of the search engine (SE) marketing. This is where you utilize keywords to build your rankings in the search engines so that those interested in what you have to offer will be able to find you. Many people know this as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Then of course you want to provide compelling titles so that people will be enticed to visit your blog over and over again.

So what it comes down to this is that you need to optimize your blog. When the search engine spiders visit your site they will look at the content from left to right. During this time they will find specific keywords to determine what your website is all about. Once this has concluded it returns to the SE so it can be indexed.

Enhancing Search Engine Marketing

When you see the advancement of blogs today you will find news websites and mini content centers. All of these contain significant information as well as several links. When blogs were first introduced, SE weren’t really interested extensively. However, in today’s world major news websites offer some of the newest information available online. In fact, there are many blogs that have brought forth fresh information to the public faster than media outlets.

This is why it makes sense to publish faster any newest information before others do if you want to get noticed more by the SE. You will find that SE look for the freshest, high-quality information first. Taking this route will allow you to gain more visitors in a short period of time from places like Google, Yahoo and several other search engines.

It is safe to say that blogs have a natural relationship with SE. So anytime there is an update on your blog the spiders will visit it more frequently. Best of all you don’t have to wait for months before your pages are actually indexed by the search engines. This can occur in only a matter of hours.

Reasons Why they Rank Well in Search Results

Blogs are built to meet search traffic and SE demands. They are a huge part of any niche and considered to be the best sources for up-to-date information on the internet today. They can also utilize keyword optimization, which will allow them to receive higher SE rankings. Oh, and if you are smart about distributing the keywords evenly you can help your blog rank much easier.

While websites definitely offer their own benefits, blogs offer several publishing tools that are helpful. Since the coding “behind-the-scenes” is more light weight in a blog, it’s easier for the SE to see. They will be able to visit it frequently and send a spider over your content at a faster rate. It is the clarity that makes it easier, and this gives you a good interpretation of what your blog is about based on the content.

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