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Sell Articles To Other Bloggers

Posted on September 21, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Did you know that some bloggers online don’t actually write their own blogs?  Not all of them of course, but some certainly farm out their writing requirements to expert writers on their particular topic.

And that presents a great opportunity for you as a writer if you want to increase the amount of work you do.  There are plenty of websites which provide leads for bloggers and blogging jobs, so you won’t find it hard to get started in this particular line of writing work.

Blogging jobs tend to be advaantageous too because they are more often than not regular.  You might be asked to provide two, five, ten or more blog posts a week.  Each one will bring in a set fee, so you can look forward to a weekly or monthly pay day that is pretty steady alongside your other writing work.  

Some people focus only on these particular jobs, and don’t write articles for anyone else at all.  If this idea appeals to you it is good to be able to show your own blogging skills to potential clients.  Make sure you create a blog for yourself if you haven’t already done so, in order to demonstrate that you are capable of writing regularly, on topic and on time.

Different blogging jobs will have different ways of working as well.  You might have to submit a single post to the client each day (or whenever it is required).  Alternatively some prefer receiving a batch in advance every week or two.  This is better for you because you can fit them in whenever it suits you.

You might also find they give you access to the blog itself.  You can then post directly whenever necessary, and they will simply check to see that it has been done.

So you see, blogging for other people is an excellent way of earning a steady living as a writer.  Work at building up your client base and very soon you will have a nice income you can rely on while you build up your other online writing jobs.

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