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Are You a Serial Blogger? Find Your Niche!

Posted on November 11, 2007 by Kathleen

Are you a serial blogger? Do you have more than one blog?

Do you create blogs and often find that there are not enough people interested in your topic to make it worthwhile to post? Traffic is light? Few people comment? Do you gradually lose enthusiasm for posting, and move on to create yet another blog?

If so, maybe your blogs are not well enough targeted to a niche, a group of readers who are intensely interested in your topic. If you are blogging just for personal expression, that may be OK with you, but it can also be discouraging. You feel you are alone in the wilderness, talking to the trees.

Thousands of blogs are abandoned every day, because bloggers become discouraged when they have no audience. Sadly many people start a blog in hopes of making a little income from it and then are bitterly disappointed. There seems on reason to carry on if no one is reading.

If you hope to make an income from your blog, the best design in the world (see, there is a tie-in with the topic of this blog, sort of) will not make up for not having an audience.

The best blog design begins before you ever build your blog, before you ever select a design, before you even buy a domain name. The first step is research. Yes, that dirty word: research.

You may be writing a great blog that is focused on the wrong group of people. Maybe a slightly different target niche would reward you with lots of readers.

Your problem may not be boring writing or a lack of audience for the topic. It may be just a matter of choosing the wrong keywords for your blog. The problem is that it’s hard to find out what the best keywords and target market for you blog are!

I kept buying more and more ebooks and software, hoping to find something that made it easier to create a blog that people would actually want to read (not too small an interest group, not too much competition). The choices were poor.

I found either vague directions to look for popular trends and then go to Alexa or Google. Or I found ads for very expensive software—often with a steep learning curve.

Recently I received an offer for Micro Niche Finder, a relatively inexpensive ($67.) software package that makes it really easy to find a good niche for a blog. I was doubtful at first, but I bought it, and it really is wonderful.

It also teaches you how to find profitable topics for websites, articles, Squidoo lenses, and so on. And it teaches you how to make money with them. It even helps you find and buy the perfect domain name for your new blog or website.

It comes with a simple Adsense website-builder…and on and on. To me this is the best package since Web 2.0 Wealth and is a perfect compliment to it.

And it is easy to use. I love Micro Niche Finder. I will never build another blog or website–or buy another domain without it. How about you?

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