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Should Bloggers Start More Blogs?

Posted on July 07, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

The most important rule is: never try to blog anything that you have little or no interest at all, you’ll get too stretched and snap.

Good Reasons for Bloggers to Create More Blogs

* As a SANDPIT- to Examine New Designs
Explore and examine the effectiveness of new ways, different themes and layouts. Try the special features of other “themes” such as placings and styles.

* As a LAB - to Research New Tools
Make a new blog to try out new plugins, widgets and tools to gauge the user experience – before you load them into your more public blogs!

* For DIVERSITYTest Your Range of Styles
Have you got a fixed pattern on how you blog. Readers do become adapted and familiarise themselves with a style – they feel at home. Try a new blog to experiment with different voices and stylistic positions, become versatile.

* For EDUCATIONBecome an Expert in New fields
Starting a new blog can give us a different focus of attention and might force us to explore new areas of knowledge and from different perspectives. And more importantly let us utilises our creativeness optimally!

* For FUNFind New Niches
The process of launching a blog, gathering of a new readership, exploring new topics, seeing how readers respond to your posts, connecting with other blogs in a niche is nothing but fun. Moreover, a new blog can also help you leverage you old ones and direct more traffic there.

* For MONEYof course
Having a ‘sales-click’ at the bottom a blog can convert traffic into money. Daily readership can translate into an extra income stream. You’ll have blog it and see.

How Many Blogs Is Too Many Blogs

If you try to run too many, in the end most of them will revert to digital waste. Quality is more important than quantity.

Focus your energy on producing high-quality content for your readers. Eventually this will lead to better posts, better design and ultimately to an enhanced reader experience.

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