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Stealth Persuasion: The Complete Web Copywriting System to Fanatically Turn Your Visitors Into Customers

Posted on July 13, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

There‚Äôs no escaping the fact that website advertising and copy has to be crafted in such a way as to compete not only with professional tools, but with the overwhelmingly sheer numbers of ads that a surfer sees. You only have a split second to catch their attention and when you do, you have to hook them into making the desired conversion you seek. This book explains how slight and persuasive copy breaks down the walls of resistance, building all important trust and credibility without your reader even knowing it. Touching the soul and pressing the emotional triggers to make your reader literally fall in love with you and your brand is the key to higher sales conversion on the web. Step-by-step formulas help guide the writer through the often confusing idea landscape and the all-to-familiar fear of bearing their creative soul to the masses. Up to date information on not just website content, but the important “new media” we use everyday: – social media, tweets, Facebook updates, SMS – sales letters, opt-ins and paid ads – weaving storytelling into your web copy – Google Author Rank and keywords – the Love / Conflict formula – writing in your own voice – articles, blog posts and content marketing – email content, subject lines and autoresponders – webinar and teleclass sales pitch closes – product launches and building your celebrity – and much, much more! Colin Martin has crafted the sales letters and content for some of the most famous faces in Internet Marketing. He worked for Tom Antion for nearly 7 years writing, learning and testing the most effective heartstring pulling (and high profit making) copy techniques that have made literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in online sales. Everything Colin has learned and more is finally in this valuable guide.

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