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Subscribe To Comments WordPress Plugin – An Internet Marketer’s Dream Come True

Posted on July 23, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

If you’re marketing with blogs, then one of the strategies you can pursue is to exploit the interconnectivity made possible by these online tools.  Because of the readability of blog posts, the readers’ ability to comment on the same, and the readers’ ability to comment on their fellow readers’ comments, each and every blog entry can actually be transformed into an online community, or a forum if you will.  The blog entry can serve as the “thread,” and the comments can serve as the “posts” that will discuss the subject propounded by the “thread.”


Making each blog entry an online community of its own will lead to repeat visitors, which in turn will lead to a higher read rate for your blog.


This is the idea behind Subscribe to Comments, a WordPress plugin that aims to empower your blog’s readers so that they can fully enjoy the interactive features of your blog.


With conventional forums, members have the option to subscribe to a particular thread.  Thereafter, whenever a new message is posted on such a thread, the member will be sent an email to inform him of the same so that he won’t have to miss anything.


Subscribe to Comments works the same way, albeit for WordPress blogs.  Once this plugin is installed, your readers will have the option to subscribe to a blog entry and be informed – via email – whenever a new comment is published therein.  Subscribe to Comments is one of the most popular and most downloaded WordPress plugin, mainly because of its astute ability to build a sense of community amongst a blog’s reader, which in effect makes readers come back to the blog over and over again.

Readers can easily subscribe to a blog post by checking a button.  Indeed, it’s as easy as that.


Subscribe to Comments recognize subscribers either by making them log in or by reading their browsers’ cookies.  A non-subscriber will see the option of subscribing to the blog entry.  An existing subscriber will see options that will allow him to manage his subscription.


In earlier versions of the WordPress plugin, a reader has to post a comment before he can subscribe to the blog entry, mainly because his subscription request was to be submitted with the comment he was to post.  The developers of Subscribe to Comments have since realized that not every reader is keen on posting his comments.  Some, if not most, of a blog’s readers would rather participate in silence, i.e. merely read the comments.  Hence, currently, Subscribe to Comments allows readers to subscribe without having to comment.


The marketing applications of this WordPress plugin in action are quite diverse.  Some online businessmen have used it to transform their blogs into post-sales support systems, with blog entries serving as FAQs and comments serving as tickets.  Some online businessmen have used it to transform their blogs into micro-email marketing campaigns.  And a few online businessmen are ingenious enough to use the plugin to generate an unlimited number of comments – resulting in unlimited supply of fresh content – and sending the RSS feeds thereof to their Twitter accounts for an unlimited number of tweets.


With Subscribe to Comments, the possibilities are endless.  This WordPress plugin is a “must have” for serious bloggers who want to explore the marketing potentials of their WordPress blogs.

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