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The Benefits Of Owning A Blog

Posted on September 25, 2009 by Blog Design Journal

Blogging is a newer trend that people, young or old, professional or student, corporations or businesses have been getting into. Even though it has become increasing popular, there are still some people who choose to not get involved because they are unsure if it’s worth the time to do so. Those people are missing out because there are so many advantages to own a blog. You can make it look any way you want to with free WP themes.

With this technology we have with search engines, it is easy to type in someone’s name to find out more about them without actually having to talk to them in person. What pops up when your name is typed in? Is it your MySpace or Facebook account? Is it your personal family website? With blogging, you can control what people see first when they search for you. The more you blog under you name, the more likely it will show higher up and give you a better first impression.

Blogging also allows you to market yourself online. You can market your skills and abilities world-wide by creating a blog and regularly updating it. Blogging gives that personal touch and gives you a voice in the chaos of the billions of other websites fighting for attention. If you’re looking to become a better writer, then what better way to do it but with a blog! You can improve your writing skills by regularly updating your blog and helps develop your voice.

When you blog, it gives you another way to connect with people with similar interests online. It lets people know what you’re thinking and you know what they are thinking also. It’s easier to find people who have the same thoughts and research that you can discuss things with.

You can also make money with blogs by putting up a couple of Google Adsense ads or other advertising spots. You can never lose money with blogging since you can do it on a free hosted site and you don’t have to pay for ads. So there’s nothing to lose.

There are several advantages to owning a blog. It all depends on what are your intentions when you start one. If you need help starting one, just look up tips online—there’s many blogs on blogging tips.

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