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The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger: How To Write An Engaging Blog Post… Fast Like Freddy

Posted on February 19, 2013 by Blog Design Journal

Amazon Bestseller Shares How To Write An Engaging Blog Post… Fast Like Freddy

“How To Write An Engaging Blog Post… Fast Like Freddy” will teach you:

How To Write An Engaging Blog Post… Fast

Writing an engaging blog post has 4 main objectives:

  • To captivate and grab your reader’s attention,
  • To persuade your reader to keep reading the rest of the article,
  • To provide the best possible value to your reader,
  • To build credibility and trust within your reader’s mind,
  • To become an authority to your reader within the area of interest at hand.

How To Prepare Before Writing Any Blog Post – Research

Researching your blog post starts right at where your blog post will be published to. This step comes even before you have a topic in mind for the post.

How To Find The Best Possible Topic For Your Blog Post That Guarantees Engagement From Your Reader

Subjecting your reader to change when they don’t need or want to, will most likely cause your blog post to fail horribly. Instead, focus on what they are already comfortable with and give it to them in more detail.

How To Structure The Perfect Engaging Blog Post

Getting this step mastered will not only result in you getting your message across in the most engaging way possible, but it will also have you write the actual blog post at the speed of writing light.

How To Start A Blog Post

Two of the most critical elements of an engaging blog post is your title and the hook right at the beginning. These two determine whether I will read your post or not. Period.

Knowing how to start a blog post will ensure you have your reader’s full attention for the rest of the article.

How To Compose The Perfect Body Of An Engaging Blog Post That Sells

How to write a blog post that sells does not necessarily mean you need to shove a product down your reader’s throat and have them digg out their last few dollars to pay you.

However, thoughout the blog post you will be selling your reader. You need to either a.) sell them on your opinion or idea, b.) sell them on a common problem they have, or c.) a pleasure they want but don’t yet have and d.) finally you’ll need to sell them on the solution that you are going to provide to them.

How To End The Perfect Engaging Blog Post

The final stages of the blog post needs to engage the reader even further. This engagement will lead to some form of action, which may include further engagement, an event taking place, a training course being offered, a product being offered etc.


Included in this guide is what I call the ultimate psychology blog post structure, complete with a detailed infographic for easy reference.

About The Author

Ruan Oosthuizen started his online ventures after quitting his Systems Admin job in August 2011.

Guest contributions to a number of authority sites taught Ruan many tricks in the trade of guest blogging, starting at the back-end with custom HTML and CSS design, through to writing engaging content.

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3 to “The Birth Of A Freelance Blogger: How To Write An Engaging Blog Post… Fast Like Freddy”

  1. Diana "Non-fiction reader. Dig sociology, psy... says:

    An engaging and easy to read resource As an avid non-fiction reader and a writer always aiming to improve my skill, I thoroughly enjoyed Ruan Oosthuizen’s book. It is well-written and quick to inspire. After reading this, I immediately want to hop on WordPress and improve my old posts, as well as use the research techniques and easy-to-follow outlines presented in this book to fashion even better articles in the future. Many of these tips could apply to non-fiction writers of any medium. What strikes me the most is Ruan’s hat tip to his mentors. He does not claim to reinvent the wheel when it comes to blogging, but presents tips in a clean layout along with many resources to further build on your knowledge, eager to share with you those who inspired him!

  2. Nancy Hendrickson "Nancy" says:

    Want to be a Stand-Out Blogger? Read This Book I’ve been around the blogging block for as long as blogs have existed. In fact, I wrote an article for Writer’s Digest back in the day when blogs (then called webblogs) first launched. Since then I’ve seen a world of “gurus” in this space – some with great advice, others just hype. So it was with great interest that I read Ruan’s newest book in his blogging series. First, I have to congratulate the author from learning from the best – Danny Iny and Derek Halpern – both of whom I follow via RSS. However, Ruan has not just rehashed Iny and Halpern’s work – he’s used it as a springboard to create his own blogging platform, one that’s filled with solid information for both new and established bloggers.Want to keep your blog readers engaged? The key to a great blog post lies in the structure; in this book Ruan details each step of the structure in great detail. The steps are easy-to-follow and based on years of testing and experience. As a fulltime writer myself, I can highly recommend this book for its excellent content and high quality.

  3. J. Foley "tanstaafl1963" says:

    Need to add more stars! I came across Ruan’s book after having some minor success in my own blog. I wish I had seen this earlier!His writing style is fantastic. He lays out the points very clearly and has a ton of great sources for additional help. I can’t wait to implement some of his ideas.Each section is straight to the point and keeps you focused on becoming a better writer.If you want to learn more about writing or blogging, GET THIS BOOK.

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